Extraterrestrial life

Extraterrestrial life





Extraterrestrial life

All of us have different imagination pertaining extraterrestrial life. A lot of questions arise in our minds some being, are we the only creatures on earth? Are there aliens in other planets? Is it true that planet Mars can support life? All these questions still have no answers as there is no proof of extraterrestrial life (Vakoch & Dowd, 2015). One thing that can contradict your mind is the existence of other planets. What is their purpose? Biblically, God created everything and at some point, a reasoning can be derived that apart from letting us live on earth, he might have created other lives on other planets. But who knows! This is just a prediction.

Anyone can agree with both Drake and scientists who work for SETI when they used large radio telescope to scan signals of whether intelligent beings are in other dimensions, that there are no other forms of life. The search for extraterrestrial life is more likely to fail reason being, no response was given to all these experiments (Vakoch & Dowd, 2015). Scientists have not given up on their research although it consumes a lot of money and funds but the probability that there are other forms of life on other planets is very low.

If we use aliens as examples, there are many reasons why this technology of locating them will fail. To start with, we are the only intelligent life in the galaxy. Secondly, planet earth is the only planet so far with favorable conditions for survival based on research, most other planets do not support life. Advanced technology lacked in many intelligent species seems to be another reason why aliens do not exist and we have seen this when there are no radio telescopes replies (Al-Khalili, 2017). The size of space also defends the inexistence of aliens as it is so big to allow aliens’ focused signals to reach us.

On the contrary, we might be looking in the wrong direction considering the size of space. Another defending point is, maybe our radio technology is less advanced compared to aliens’ technology. This goes hand in hand with lack of transmission where we all might be listening to the signals and if by any chance signals are detected, it will take long before the message reaches the earth estimated to be 0.3 light-years.


Like all the answers to this issue are NO, considering the reasoning and evidence provided. Although scientists are trying with all means, still it is against all odds. Let’s hope in future they will succeed.


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