Families and society

Families and society




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Family and society are two intertwined institutions whereby from functionalist view, family supports the needs of family members and still contributing to societal development. Family institution is viewed as one which leads to rapid change where two people a women and a man come together to help and support each other. Singlehood is viewed by social functionalist as a result of disorganization and breakdown of family chains (McAdoo, 2003). A woman is seen as a helper, producer of children, house keeper and also provides sexual support to the husband while a man should provide protection and financial support to the family. Even though family is viewed in different ways by different people, functionalist views family as productive institution to the society by providing children who replace the dead.

On the other hand, social conflict views family as continuation of inequality and through wealthy inheritance. Sociological views fall under family conflicts, functionalist and also interactionists approaches. Through reinforcement and maintenances of status quo, the family is blamed for societal inequality. Sociological views a family as an institution which creates balance in the society by contributing positively to the need and interest through stability. Families teach its members what is required by the society therefore acting as a socializing agent and proving social status. Both social conflict and structural functionalist views of families have got much importance to today’s lives.

Conclusively, families portray clearly the roles played by family to the society. Without family there could be no society today. Historically, family has led to creation of society whereby norms, culture and values are passed from generation to generation (Darling, 2009). Family is the key to brighter future of the society by giving good morals to generation.


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