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The Maze Runner Film

The Maze Runner is a fascinating and unique movie for omitting much of what makes typical teen movies awful and excruciating. Its spry pace is quite noticeable and appreciated. Moreover, this particular movie has a sly way of being propulsive although not much happens. Therefore, the core aim of this essay, is to review this particular movie identifying the literal and symbolic elements in the film with the various choices made by those involved in the film and their different contributions to the movie.

Literal and symbolic elements in the film

Irony and flashback are the two literal elements that have been widely used throughout the movie Maze Runner. For instance, when Minho and Alby try examining a dead Griever, they greatly hope to bring it back to the Glade without any technical hitches and difficulties. However, Griever is actually alive and ended up hurting Alby which makes a journey back to the camp a complicated one. As a result, this is the opposite outcome of what Alby and Minho expected thus demonstrating an instance of irony.

Furthermore, Thomas then decides to try helping Alby and Minho when they are trapped in the Maze. Thomas thought that he and Minho could protect injured Alby from the Grievers. On the contrary, Minho runs away and leaves Thomas. In this case, this is the exact opposite of what was expected thus demonstrating situational irony.

More so, when Thomas wakes up after the Changing, he gives his recovered memories to the present Keepers. He tells them that, “When I went through the Changing, I saw the flashes of images…But I remember enough.” As he speaks, the story then flash backs to his recovered memories. Therefore, with this, this creates great interest and builds tension towards the climax. In effect, flashback and irony have been cleared employed in the film making it more captivating.

Choices made by the director and designers in the film

The designer Ken Barthelmey, contributed much to the success of the movie by creatively designing monsters in the film called Grievers which make the film more captivating and eye catching to viewers who tend to place much of their attention on the movie. Moreover, the director of the film Wes Ball also contributed much to the film and creatively made a 3D computer animated science fiction with an apocalyptic short film which makes the film more up to date and modern to its audience and viewers. Audiences are in a good position to view animations in the film clearly creating that sense of reality and live images in the screen.

Deductively, the popularity of the film has then resulted to many fan projects and the most prominent one being Maze Runner Chat, a podcast which features news discussions and even occasional cast interviews.


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