GBS 233 Resolving Bedbug Infestation

Resolving Bedbug Infestation

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The Manager

Lodi Movie Theatre,

188 N Stadium St, Lodi, CA 9573650

Dear James,


On behalf of Lodi district, I have received some dire complaints on a serious infestation of the old Lodi Movie Theatre by bedbugs. I understand that this is the second time people have reported to you about the problem but it seems your response to the problem is not as prompt as I would have expected (Alleged Bed Bug Infestation Temporarily Shutters Lodi Movie Theater « CBS Sacramento, 2014). However, in order to save the reputation of the movie theatre and save the business at large, I would recommend that you follow the following plan in addressing the issue before it is too late. This is a serious problem and it has to be treated with at most urgency, or else the bedbugs will spread everywhere in Lodi district.

The first step will be to contact the exterminator department in the city and request them to come and look into the matter. They should inspect the seats and each and every corner of the theatre. Secondly, the exterminator will be expected to determine how the bedbugs arrived into the theatre and the best course of action in handling them (Agadoni, 2016). I would also insist that the theatre be on lockdown for one week so as to give time to address the matter. The theatre management will be responsible for paying the exterminator in the removal of the bedbugs.

The exterminator is expected to move all disassemble furniture and treat all the seats with high heat steams. You will also foresee the use of high strength insecticides that will ensure that no bedbugs survive (Agadoni, 2016). After the problem is solved, since I am on a trip, official duty in another country, I would like you to address the public through the social media (facebook, twitter), the theatre’s website and even the televisions and assure the public of the new safe Lodi Movie Theatre, as a way of restoring their confidence (Rai & Rai, 2009). These communication models are faster and cheap since the size of customer base is large. In addition, from now henceforth, ensure that you also come up with a proper theatre disinfection program once in a fortnight to ensure that the bedbug menace never returns.

The other issue will be to extend the extermination services to the affected customers by visiting their homes and ensuring that their homes are treated. The costs incurred will still be paid by Lodi Theatre since it took you too long to respond. I believe with this program, which should take place within the next seven days, the problem will be gone. On the other hand, please ensure the following message reaches the public and ensure you use posters and the Official website of the Lodi Stadium 12 Cinemas (Alleged Bed Bug Infestation Temporarily Shutters Lodi Movie Theater « CBS Sacramento, 2014):


To: The Lodi Movie Theatre Customers

From: The Lodi District Manager

Date: 20/02/2017


It is with deep regrets that I apologise to you, our esteemed customers and citizens of Lodi District, for the serious discomfort and harm posed to you by the infestation of bedbugs to the Lodi Movie Theatres. I would like to assure you that I have personally directed that the matter be addressed immediately. I can assure you that within a period of seven days, which will be used to exterminate all the bedbugs in the theatre, our great entertainment place will reclaim its former glory; being the best in comfort and quality movie casting. Secondly, I would like to assure the families that were directly affected to bear with us and assure them that Lodi Movie theatre will pay for the extermination services for their homes to curb the spread for the bedbugs. The theatre will be receiving extermination services after every fortnight as a way of instilling the public confidence back on how safe we are determined to see to it that the problem is resolved. Most importantly, the next movie cast on 29th February 2017 after reopening the theatre will just be half-price the normal ticket as a way of apologizing to you all.

On behalf of Lodi District and Lodi Movie theatre management, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Sincerely Yours,

Sussan Patch (The Lodi District Manager)


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Rai, U., & Rai, S. M. (2009). Effective communication. Mumbai [India: Himalaya Pub. House.

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