Genesis Operations Management Assignment 3 External Financing

Genesis Operations Management

Present Situation

Genesis has operations in US.Genesis Manufactures high end Technical software based Products.Genesis has one Overseas operating Center in Canada only. Genesis wanted expand its business to outside US

Financial Situation

Company has two Financial SourcesThe first one is its Family Seeding Second one is Equity InvestmentThe available financing options can not fulfill the expansion dreams of the company in any case

Organizational Strategy

Needs to revamp its Leadership StyleInternational Markets are more competitive and demanding.Company needs Organizational Revamp for catering demands of expansion

What can be done

Genesis have to change their Strategy to meet its demands.By involving more Professional Owners in GenesisCompany needs to improve its management team as wellBy keeping its ownership shares for interested individuals company can attract more quality and financial support for its expansion.

Global Factors in way of Genesis

Global Financial Situation can affect Genesis GrowthGlobal market demand should be taken in to account.Legal boundaries should be taken into account before taking any decisions since it develops high end military products for US.


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