Gladwell Grocery Stores Case Scenario

Human Resource Information System(HRIS)






Human resource management in a firm involves the process of managing employees in the firm. The process of recruiting new workforce in a firm, the training and developing of them as well as rewarding and motivating the employees all constitutes the functions of a human resource management. The human resource a management is therefore a very crucial department in a business enterprise as it greatly contributes to increased performance of the firm in the industry as well as increasing the competitiveness of the firm in the industry (Hendry, 2012). Effective human resource management usually results in efficiency in the performance of a business enterprise hence increasing the competitiveness of the company as well as its performance in the industry.


The advancement of the new technology has improved the efficiency of operations in a business firm by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of carrying activities in every department in a business enterprise. The human resource management has greatly been improved by incorporation if the new technology in its operations. This makes management of the workforce in a business enterprise to be easy and effective (DeSanctis, 1986). There exist various types of human resource management information systems that are used in various business enterprises depending on the challenges the firm faces in the industry.

Gladwell Grocery Stores through the management of Mr. Bell can adopt the use of operational HRIS type of HRIS. This will enable Mr. Bell to manage the operations of the firm as well as the workforce in the company effectively. This type of HRIS is very efficient as it manages variety of activities in the human resource management department and focuses on performance management information system, position control system and Employee information system. This would greatly reduce the travelling by Mr. Bella from one location to another since with these systems, the work can be done from one place. This type of HRIS will also improve the efficiency of recruitment process for the Gladwell Grocery Stores significantly hence boost the performance of the firm in the industry. As such, operational HRIS is the best for Gladwell Grocery Stores hence Mr. Bella should adopt it in managing the workforce in the firm.

HRIS Vendors.

There exist various vendors in the market that provides the HRIS in the market. The major and reliable vendors in the industry includes the Zenefits Software and workforce ready(Zhang, 2013). The Zenefits Software is a comprehensive, free HRIS system that is web based and can manage all the HR activities, payroll as well as benefit processes from a single online dashboard. The vendor is also cost effective. The Workforce ready on the other is a world renowned human capital management vendor that offers quality human capital management solutions in a cloud. This enable firm across a broad range of industries to be able to use it. The vendor is however very costly hence requires huge amounts of money to acquire and use by firms in the industry(Zhang, 2013). The best vendor for Gladwell Grocery Stores is the Zenefits Software because it will offer a variety and comprehensive human resource management tasks at one point. This will perfectly meet the needs of the firm.

Project Management process.

Implementing a new system in a business enterprise will require a step by step system implementation process. The implementation of the operational HRIS would therefore follow the following steps. The first step would be installation. Implementation of Zenefits Software would require installation of the equipment required to run it in Gladwell Grocery Stores (Zhang, 2013).After the installation of the various systems in the firm, a compatibility test will be carried out to ensure the firm`s systems can work effectively with the zenefits software. Adequate training would be carried out to ensure the running of the HRIS is well understood in the firm (Krishnan & Singh, 2007). This will boost the performance of the firm. The training of Mr. Bell will ensure the new system runs smoothly in the firm since he will be responsible for running it in the business enterprise.

HRIS Cost Justification.

The costs involved in the implementation process of the operations HRIS would be very smaller using the zenefits software vendor as compared to other vendors in the industry. This makes the vendor as well as the type of HRIS the best for the firm. The cost benefit analysis matrix of the system can be demonstrated as shown below.

The Operational HRIS Cost Benefit Analysis.

    Direct (Hard) Indirect (Soft)
Benefits Revenue enhancement. New sales(new Revenue) Better decision making process( Improvement potential)
  Cost reduction. Direct costs Potential costs
Costs New implementation costs. Out of pocket costs such as software as well as service agreements Indirect costs( Increased technical support needs)

The major benefits of the Operational HRIS includes revenue generation enhancement and cost reduction. The firm will be able to earn more income from the sales in the industry as a result of increased motivation and compensation of employees in the frim. The firm will also benefit from better decisions as well as reduction of potential direct and indirect costs. This would result to increased productivity and sales by the firm (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart& Wright, 2006). The costs involved will be the implementation costs which will be incurred during the software and service agreements as well as the technical support that would be required in running the information system. This is because the operation of any information system often requires some technical support.

HR Metric Recommendation.

The Operational HRIS will greatly boost the operations of the Gladwell Grocery Stores. The HR Metrics that would best demonstrate the benefits of this information system includes; performance, measurement plan and employee engagement (Lawler III, Levenson& Boudreau, 2004). These metrics will greatly bring the most significant value to the HR functions that will be supported by the operational HRIS. This is because the performance as well as measurement metrics will determines the impact of the operational HRIS on the performance of the Gladwell Grocery Stores hence rectify any defection of the system to achieve the desired results. The employee engagement metric will on the other hand determine the impact on the morale of the employees in the firm as well as their performance. As such, these would be the most important HR Metrics to be used in the firm.


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