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There are many factors either external or internal affecting human resource management. These factors include technological advancements, government regulations, economic conditions and also workforce demographics. Economic conditions have really threatened human resource management worldwide. Economic condition is an external factor that not only affects the talent pool but also the current condition of economy. It is important to understand and plan for ways of dealing with the economic downturn to create effective human resource management. Juanita should have skill, knowledge and expertise to be able to understand some of the business challenges and be able to solve them in order to make the business a success. In addition, it is also important for Juanita to be able to incorporate change and take risks. What could make Juanita fail as an expatriate is not being able to adopt change and take risks in business (Gann, 2010). Business is prone to failures and also successes, therefore it is important for Juanita to be able to understand various challenges, evaluate and implement ways of dealing with the problems.

Conclusively, expatriate managers have experienced failure because of family stress and also emotional immaturity. These managers have got a lot of pressure from the new job and in new countries as they want to prove their experience. There is also culture shock in the new country as they have pressure from their wives left in native countries. Culture has really affected business worldwide whereby it has proved the need of workplace diversity (Jürgens & Krzywdzinski, 2016). Workplace diversity brings together different talents improving the organizational productivity which in turn leads to competitive advantage.


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