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1. Customers

Who are the current customers/users? Include information related to demographics, psychographics and buying behavior, price sensitivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The most common users of Google are the educated and intelligent group of people who are either employed or are in higher education institutions. Notably, these are people who need information on a timely manner making them some of the common users. Similarly, males aged 55 years and below are also common users of Google who have a middle class income.

Their demographics constitute of upper class, wealthy as well as the middle class some of the people who have good income. Students and organizations are also part of the active users who are ever in search of current information in a fast manner. Considering business sector, these are people who are ready to grow rapidly based on the kind of internet they have thus receiving a fast internet helps them meet their needs. Finally there are the middle class families who use Google for leisure activities. Their main goal is to be aware of what is happening as well as acquire some of the recent items in town.

What do the customers buy/use?

What the customers use depend on the level of income. Considering the affluent group, these are people who are ready to spend any amount of money to purchase one of the best property or vehicle. Most of them prefer online shopping whereby they can have a variety of items after which they can purchase the product. The low income earners will only concentrate on what they need. In order to afford some of the expenses they live in small towns where living standards are low. Importantly, students in different institutions have no money as they depend on their parents, this way; they spend less on some of the things they do not require.

What changes can the company/brand expect in the future? How can the company/brand better serve its customers? Include information about potential opportunities and threats.

With the expanding businesses, high demand has been experienced in the company whereby the users require more advance internet for their businesses. As a way of meeting the demands, Google has come up with more advanced apps such as chrome aimed at replacing browser. Similarly, great attempt has been made so as to increase market for android and chrome. This has been made as one of the competitive edge through which Google will use to outdo its competitors such as apple.

As a way of increasing its revenues, Google has planned to streamline music in such a way that the users can view or listen with the help of Google play music. Google is also aimed at coming up with Google fiber through which the users will be in a position to access internet at a fast rate. Creating wireless cars is also a major opportunity through which they will earn good amount of revenue.

2. Company

The company accrues a number of strengths through which it is able to make profit. Firstly, it consists of loyal employees who work towards a common goal. Similarly, Google has a stable source of income as well as loyal customers.

Coming up with a more advanced network connections is one of the major ways through which Google can be able to gain more revenues. Likewise, it should consider partnering with some of the major companies through which it will accrue the available benefits.

3. Context

Define the current business environment. Include information about political, legal, economic technological and societal factors that may influence sales.

With the rising technology many people have turned to internet in such of information. Notably, many people have enrolled in higher educational institutions making fast internet one of the major assets to perform. Businesses have also expanded in such a way that entrepreneurs need information to advertise their brand as well as to acquire new products. Similarly, a high population enjoys good income and as a result seeks for better products through online search thus creating a good environment for the company. Rising technology has also affected the market considering the fact that many competitors have come in play. As a result many laws have been set in the aim of controlling some of the activities taking place within the companies.

4. Collaborators

In order to retain the already existing customers as well as create new ones, Google has partnered with various companies. Wal-Mart is one of the partners through which Google is determined to outdo amazon. In this manner, customers can now order various products including groceries with the help of Google. Samsung Company has also partnered with Google through which they acquire an advantage considering the patent lawsuits. This results to a healthy competition and at the same time benefits the customers. Some of the competitors such as amazon can be the best partners to Google as Google will greatly benefit from their new techniques.

5. Competitors

Amazon has been named as one of the major competitors posing a great threat to Google when it comes to searches. Despite the fact that they are highly focused on the commerce sector, many are the times that amazon ends up answering people’s questions and at the same time offering better searches. Similarly, amazon has focused in adding more products as well as services through which they capture attention of many.

6. Recommendations

Considering the fact that most of the users have shifted to phones, Google should ensure to increase ad rates on mobile phones. This will retain the existing customers as well as acquire new ones. Similarly, Google should work on coming up with Google fiber through which users can enjoy fast and dependable internet.

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