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Grant Proposal

Police department is entitled with the responsibilities of enforcing law and ensuring the wellbeing of the community surrounding it. Usually it is governed by the government in terms of recruitment as well as providing the required resources for the police department and ensuring good working condition. The department controls crimes in the community by punishing and imprisoning the major criminals for rehabilitation. Therefore, there are so much activities that are carried out in the police department. On getting the donation of $100,000 from the philanthropist, this is how we would spend the money in our local police department.

The funds would be used for technological innovation in the police departments. With the continued revolution in the world today, a lot has changed including the activities and the operations within us. Therefore it is important that our police department embrace the technology in our operations and be in line with the current times and that is why we intend to use the donations for this purpose. The technological advancement will include procuring new equipment such as mobile radios and software such as on-officer cameras, facial recognition software. The mobile radios will make communication effective and hence be in a position to solve different problems within time. The on- officer cameras will improve the activities in the police department by increasing transparency and accountability of officers. The facial recognition is meant to capture images and then runs the images in a database to find the match and then identifies the person. This will help curb many criminal activities in the community.

Lastly, these innovations will take place at San Diego police department in California. The innovations are intended to take place two months from now since there are protocols which should be followed before purchasing anything in the police department. Again, the innovations will interfere with the department’s budget since the technological equipment and software require maintenance, hence the innovation cannot take place immediately since it requires time for it to be fixed in the budget.


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