GS 104 Discussion 4 – water pollution

Discuss the role that population growth has played in water pollution. List and describe 2 potential solutions to the potential “water crisis” we may face if water resources continue to be misused.

at least 75 words


Population growth has resulted in water pollution in several ways. The ever increasing human population has brought about the growth of industries that pollute water since their waste is deposited directly to the environment thus polluting water. The increasing population has also brought about cutting down of trees thus encroaching on water catchment areas.


  1. Putting in place policies and laws that will ensure that water catchment areas are protected is one of the solutions to this. This will ensure that the present natural ecosystem is preserved for the future generation.
  2. Regulation of waste disposal by companies that manufacture goods. Production companies should always have a mechanism where their waste is first treated then released when they are not harmful to the environment. Responsibility towards the environment should be upheld by everyone.

Schoeman, G. (1997). The development of programmes to combat diffuse sources of water polution in residential areas of developing communities: Final report to the Water Research Commission. Pretoria: Water Research Commission.

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