GU 299 week 1 assignment 2 Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking






Critical Thinking

Being timid and talking to an audience concerning anything is very challenging. A person can succumb to stage fright. Several practice and managing stage fright will work out well eventually. It is challenging when you have to compromise on your opinions on situations or people’s opinions and culture as much as they contradict with yours despite diversity being one of the priorities to be looked into (Chambers & Lavery, 2012).

It becomes interesting when you set some targets and goals and you get to fulfill them eventually after hard work. Also, very interesting how critical thinking, mathematics and comprehensive writing are directly related. Critical thinking, comprehensive writing and mathematics promotes reasoning skills which eventually reflect in academics. It helps the mind become more organized and eventually reflects on the work.

From what you know about this course so far, what connections can you make to previous learning experiences, and how do you think this course will help you as you move forward in your college and professional life? (10pts)

The connections I have made from this course with the previous learning experiences is that communication skills has been essential all along. As stated by (Clayton, Bringle & Hatcher, 2014), communication between the teacher and the students and the communication between the students as well has been very important. It has enabled us to interact well with one another either during class or outside class.

This course will help me move forward in my college and profession because it has instilled me with good knowledge. Making very important decisions, analyzing situations and being independent has been supported in this course. I am able to accept other people’s values, beliefs and sexuality. I can also make choices that do not mix up my personal life with my professional life. This course also gives us the opportunity to engage in community service, thus becoming responsible, disciplined and also get to work with the community.

How do the course outcomes (listed above) for this week apply to your experience so far? (10pts)

With communication skills, I am able to interact with students and teachers daily. I am able to give out good presentation in class either both written and verbal. The use of critical thinking has assisted in making decisions that are wise and good because I am able to analyze situations before giving out a clear judgement. It has also improved my reasoning skills and also improved my academic performance as well.

Respect for diversity has enabled me to associate with different people. I am able to interact with people despite their race, sexuality and beliefs. It has been able to breach communication barriers and made it easier for me to interact with others. Professional, social and ethical responsibility gives me an opportunity to have a good work ethic, maintain a good relationship with friends and family and to always make decisions from a sound judgement. Lifelong learning practices assists me in setting my targets and goals and I draw my daily focus from that to achieve those targets and goals.

How do you see service learning or community service helping you hone your strengths and sharpen your weaknesses? (10pts)

Participating in community service is the same as getting a professional job. It helps me become responsible because I get to be assigned with work and expected to complete in a certain time frame. It helps me become disciplined where I get to keep time and concentrate on the work given. It prepares me by establishing a good work ethic at an early stage. It also promotes team work because I get the opportunity to work with different people effectively to achieve the organization’s goals and expectations from us.

According to (Ferrari & Chapman, 2014) community service also gives me the opportunity to work with areas that involve the community and the well being and growth of the community. It also is a platform for me to learn so many things, on a broader perspective like meeting the ethical standards of the organization or company giving the community service. It also comes with challenges which will be good for me since I will be able to take on these challenges. It also will be a good platform for me to interact with the community and establish a good relationship with them.

What questions do you still need answered? (10pts)

I would like to know how lifelong learning practices affects our current life in college and in professional field. I am curious also to have the question on what is done on if the very own values of other people that we are supposed to respect are those that we strongly disagree and find them bad. I would also like to know how to deal with work situations that tend to deal with personal life or vice versa.

An answer on how to deal with peer influence when critical thinking and ethics is involved. Also other ways of dealing with stage fright apart from practicing. I would also like answers on how to maintain the communication between professionals and not interfere with personal matters. I would also like answers on what should be done on in order to be consistent with the goals and targets set in the lifelong learning practices.


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