GU 299 Week 1 Discussion B

General Education Capstone Week 1 Discussion B






How service-learning and civic engagement are demonstrated in your community by identifying a person or an organization with which you have had personal experience.

Service-learning and civic engagement has been demonstrated in several ways in my community. There are several organizations that deal with helping children, the homeless, people suffering from depression and the elderly. According to (PH Clayton, RG Bringle & JA Hatcher, 2012), the organizations’ interest in these specific groups means that they are determined to make the community a better place. I have volunteered in an organization called stand up for kids that gives interest in homeless children and their needs.

Volunteering in that organization gave me the opportunity to mentor young kids. These young children lack role models because most of them are homeless or run away kids. According to (R Philips & R Pitman, 2014), mentoring those children gives them hope because they get to know and understand the importance of education in their life. This mentorship program also focuses on exploring their talents and assisting them to become better at them. This organization gives people in different fields the opportunity to come and participate in mentoring children in their specific areas of specialty.

The organization offers tutoring opportunities to the homeless kids. They have two programs aimed at tutoring the children. One is where volunteers are assigned with different subjects, where they are supposed to assist those children to be in a position to perform better in school. This usually works for children in middle school. The other is an incorporation of tutors with a tutoring program. The tutoring program involves a software program that focuses on science and its projects, mathematics and technology. As stated by (JR Ferrari & JG Chapman, 2014), tutoring will create a positive impact in the children’s education background and foundation.

This organization is also involved in reuniting runaway and the homeless kids with their parents. But before doing this they offer some guidance and counseling to the children. This enables the counselors identify where the problem is and assist the children in going through the solution process (DJ Chambers & S Lavery, 2012). Before the children reunite with their parents, they will be stable emotionally and in a good state of mind.


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