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Community Partnerships






Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”—The Golden Rule

I feel that the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” relates to service learning and civic engagement. This saying encourages people to do good to others and tends to motivate one another in that people can be in a position where they can compromise and promote community development. This can be achieved in form of contributions or volunteering in the community.

According to (Prentice, 2011), in service-learning, the student is usually assigned to a program that involves community service. This program was introduced in schools so that it encouraged students to use their skills and interests, values and beliefs for the better of the community. Thus through that, they can work and participate in areas that the community is suffering from, an example is working with homeless children or the elderly. They get that platform to share what they have and give it their best.

Schools or faculty have been able to participate in the development of the community and satisfying the saying. Apart from giving students opportunities to participate in the community and preparing them in their professional field, they have been able to identify the problems and solutions to those problems faced in the community(Prentice, 2011). The faculty or school, also works with the community in ways such as giving scholarships to the less privileged children giving them opportunity to study so that they may improve their standards of living.

Community partners also have the opportunity to participate in service-learning and civic engagement. The community is able to work with organizations that support them by giving knowledge on the community to the volunteers or workers of those organizations or by reaching out to the youth and encouraging them to be productive and participate in projects that support the community (Gerston, 2014).

The community can also interact with the schools and campuses around, get educated on the problems arising and also enquire on how they might be of help while solving the problems of the community. Thus the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has been achieved as relating to service-learning and civic engagement through the school, students and community.


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