GU 299 week 3 assignment 1 Preparing for the final project

Preparing for the final project






Title: Stand up for kids


Children in any community are very important because they determine the future of that community. Helping out children will shape up the community and make it better in terms of employment, security, the living standards and healthy families. This organization focuses on young kids and teenagers. It gives interest in the needs of the children who are homeless, have ran away from their homes or those who are less fortunate.

The organization takes the children and teenagers to go to school by giving them a scholarship in their education. As shared by (Clayton, Bringle & Hatcher, 2012), They also aid in providing them with tutoring opportunities where they use the trained volunteers to train the kids or use a tutoring program that the kids can access using their laptops or tablets. The tutoring program assists the kids in their studies as well as projects that are related to mathematics, physics, computer and science. This organization is also interested in mentoring the kids. It calls several successful role models either professionally through studies or talent wise to motivate the kids. This assists the kids to also focus on their talents or what they are passionate in.

The organization also offers on giving the kids some guidance and counselling. The run away kids are usually kids who are disturbed emotionally and this also affects them mentally and socially. Giving such kids guidance and counselling will enable them to be in a good state of emotion, mentally and socially. Thus after that program, the organization makes sure that they reunite the kids with their families. Before doing that they would draw conclusions on the state of the families before reuniting the kids because they are interested in their lives.

According to (Chambers, Lavery, 2012), the key players in this organization are the volunteers, the community, the community schools and some of the companies that sponsor the program with financial aid. The volunteers play in the role of spending their time engaging their time helping out the kids in whatever areas they are capable or best in. The community supports the organization in that they are able to highlight the issues they are going through and try figure out ways they can overcome them. The community schools provide education to the kids in the community and get scholarships to enrol in those schools as well. The community schools also give opportunities to their students to act as volunteers in the organization.

Thesis statement

Because of the increased population in homeless and run away kids, more programs should be introduced to help them become better.

Audience or readers

The audience or readers are people or organizations which are passionate in children and the youth and have interests in helping the community grow through volunteer work or contributions. These are the audience or readers who know all the organisation is about and they have interests in helping it grow and change for the better. They have expectations in having a large number of homeless and run away children get scholarships for school, more mentoring and guidance and counselling services. This can be achieved by training some of the volunteers to mentor young children, tutor them and also assist them in ways that help them open up and share their experiences and get counselled.

Some background information on the organisation is very essential. An interview from former management or person’s of interest is usually very essential. Articles or magazines should also be a place where I get data. Online reviews are also important, doing a background check on websites in question which are similar to the organisation is very important. The outcome of this is to find out how more successful the organisation can be or ways on how it can grow and be better than how it is. The aim is to find more activity that will help the kids become better people in the society like identifying areas that are not fully exhausted.


According to (Ferrari & Chapman, 2014), the organizations interested in the welfare of children usually have a passion in children. There are many organisations that deals with the homeless and run away kids from several communities. This means that the population of the homeless and run away children keep increasing in the society. This gives opportunities for students to participate and work in organisations volunteers and help out in the community.


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