GU 299 week 3 discussion Intercultural Sensitivity

Intercultural Sensitivity






Intercultural Sensitivity

I find myself in the third stage of the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity which is the minimization of difference. This stage is all about believing that despite the different cultures, beliefs and sexuality I have a belief that we are all the same. As shared by (Cushner, 2014), despite the fact that we come from different cultures, it is important to take the time to identify and appreciate the different cultures available. Especially being a school, so many students come from different continents, with different and unique lifestyles, taking much keen interest in knowing them and accepting them the way they are is very important.

In school we all come from societies with different cultures but we have similar goals and same interests which is to study. Studies usually unite all of us together because they also have interests in getting good education and good grades. Good communication skills and the fact that we speak one language in school allows us all to interact with them well. Technology also has its benefits because it tends to bridge the gap between their culture and ours and has become our central point in school. We use technology most of the time when it comes to communication an example is when we use mobile phones to text each other, tablets or laptops when doing online discussion work.

According to Yurtseven and Altun (2015), accepting the differences between other students and me will help me move from this stage to the next. I should be able to accept the way they are without trying to judge or exclude them in the school. Understanding that how they talk, act, dress and eat is a because of the cultures and difference in environment. The school has also set a week where we appreciate the cultures of other student. This will help me grow past that stage because through that I will also be learning gaining knowledge about their countries, cultures and beliefs.

When I have accepted their differences I will be able to adapt to them and work with them well. Having international students in class can be hard sometimes when it comes to communication because of how they speak, their accent or how they pronounce words can be difficult to understand. This tends to be difficult but with acceptance and adaptation, I will be more keen in how they pronounce their words and will learn something from them. Technology will also be essential because I will learn more about them and be able to adapt easily(Perry & Southwell, 2011).


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