GU 299 week 4 assignment Reflection Journal2

Reflection Journal






What, if anything, did you find surprising, particularly challenging, or interesting? (10 pts)

I learnt that there is need for reflection when it comes to service-learning activity. We are required to do a reflection on the continuous learning we get from class to where we work as volunteer work. Doing this reflection enables me to integrate class work and service-learning and I also get more knowledgeable. It is also surprisingly good that doing reflection continuously has prepared me psychologically and emotionally on challenges such that I am no longer very anxious. as shared by (Baldwin, 2016), reflection reduces depression which was very interesting to learn about it..

I found it challenging when it came to telling the reflection because I could not pitch all I had, some of them I forgot unlike when I wrote them out. It was easier and interesting putting my reflection in writing because I shared all of them. I found it very interested also because through my past and recent written reflections, I was able to gather my experiences, the lessons and skills that I learnt and acquired. Those helped me grow as a student and as an individual.

From what you know about this course so far, what connections can you make to previous learning experiences, and how do you think this course will help you as you move forward in your college and professional life? (10pts)

The connections I have made from this course with the previous learning experiences is that we always do a reflection after we study on a course or unit. The reflection usually comes out as a cat or an exam. The cat or exam might not necessarily work like a reflection because the questions usually come from teachers or tutors. Through reflection, as students we get the opportunity to participate in discussion groups where we get to share our thoughts and experiences, which we usually do in other learning courses.

Working as a team in group works will help me in my professional life because it increases my interaction. Through reflection I am also able to gauge myself either as a college student or as a professional when it comes to analyzing my skills and gauging the ones I am knowledgeable in and the ones I ought to work on. Writing down reflections helps me as a student in perfecting my writing skills, the use of multimedia improves on my creativity which goes a long way in shaping up my education and professional life.

How do course outcomes (listed above) for this week apply to your experiences so far? (10pts)

The course outcomes apply in my experiences in that I write on daily reflections after community service and use collage pictures and videos which is part of multimedia presentation. I am also able to work in groups during class work and improved on my listening skills through listening to the opinions of other group members. I have also employed my critical thinking skills especially when making decisions in group work because they need more attention and priority.

I have had the opportunity to use my creativity in order to make my presentations interesting and understandable. I have been able to incorporate many activities in my daily life to mould me in being responsible. As shared by (Baldwin, 2016), participating in roles in class improves acting skills. This gave me an opportunity to sign up for acting in school where I discovered I have passion in. That opportunity has had me interacting with other people thus improving my communication skills as well. Communication skills are generally very important in order for people to coexist well.

What specific ideas did you learn from the Starbucks book this week that you could use in your every life or future career? (10pts)

In chapter ten of the Starbucks book, it shows how Starbucks was going through a losing streak and Schulz came up with a growth plan that was able to attract good management as well as creating a system that was able to track on the sales in different stores. The board was able to support him because they believed in his work. Through this I learnt that it is very important for someone to be very hardworking such that the important people who make important decisions not only have faith in me but also in the work that I do. I also learnt that as an entrepreneur it is important to put investments in people because through that there is growth in business.

Schultz also associated himself with entrepreneurs who had made it and made him his mentors. Through that I learnt that it is very important to have a mentor who can guide my work and assist me in growth either as a student, professional or an entrepreneur. In Chapter eleven, the book explains why Schultz hired people with more experience than him. This move was essential for Starbucks to grow into something big and better. Thus it very important to always have people who are more educated or experienced around. I learnt allowing employees to speak their minds was very essential because through that ideas are formed and can be executed.

In chapter twelve, it shows the importance of compromising for customers and the time it is important to do that. I also learnt that it is important for us to monitor our work despite the distance because we get to know what it truly needs and how we are supposed to make it better or grow. Through such monitors we also get to interact with customers and identify their needs.

What questions do you still need answered? (10pts)

According to (Mitchell, Richard & Battistoni, 2015), reflection is very important in learning, I would like more answers on the importance of reflection in our daily lives. I would like to know how large groups can be maintained and how their ideas can be narrowed down without complaints. I would also like to know how the involvement of roles in class contribute in education

According to (Holland & 2016), achieving reflection requires frequent updates, thus I would like to know how well can it be achieved without the process being monotonous. I would also like more answers on how reflection reduces depression, and how it helps in achieving that. I would also like to know how reflection can be incorporated in classes more not necessarily because of service-learning but because it helps students in their academics.


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