GU 299 week 4 Disscussion-1 Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses






Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strengths that I have which I could offer in service-learning activity is my ability in solving problems. Different people have different ways when reacting to a problem. Just like my classmates, there are those that usually run away from a problem then there are those that listen to the problem and run away after they discover it is tough for them to solve. For me, I have skills in solving a problem. Listening skills, good analysis of the problem and critical thinking are very important while solving a problem (Gerston, 2014). I usually put my listening skills at work because I get to understand the problem, then analyse the problem see the possible solutions then I use critical thinking to identify the solution.

Despite my strengths in solving problems, I have the weakness of working so hard to solve it. Even when there are no successful leads or links, I tend to dedicate more time in that problem till it becomes successfully solved. This weakness is not good because it tends to waste my time in a wrong direction when I should be concentrating my energy in work or something that is more important.

Another strength that I posses that can be good in service-learning is being passionate in what I do or work that I have been given. Unlike my other classmates who are usually forced by the school to go for service-learning, I have the passion in helping out in the community. I am also passionate in working on projects that I have been given. I strive at making the best out of any duties or responsibilities that have been allocated to me. Thus I can offer that in service-learning activity.

Another attribute I have is the ability to embrace group work and team work. Generally, I believe in group discussions and group-learning. As stated by (Prentice, 2011), team work is fundamental in any learning environment since it widens the scope of thought and improves understanding of the topic or project in question.This might become different to some of my colleagues as many see this as unnecessary and time wasting. It often happens to those who think the whole purpose of the program or project is unnecessary. Personal opinions on the project might make the whole group end up on not having a specific driven way forward on finding the solutions they need.


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