GU 299 week 6 discussion 2 Peer Review

Peer Review






Peer Review

In peer review I work on two rough drafts with two different community organizations. One of the rough drafts is about people in the society living with HIV and AIDS. According to (Liamputtong, 2015), an estimation of 35% countries have their citizens living with HIV and AIDS being discriminated and stigmatized. Most of these people have their families, friends, peers and the community neglecting and discriminating them. Thus the organization I Care is aimed at helping these people live a positive and healthy life.

I Care organization has partnered up with organizations such as USAID and Redcross for the purposes of good healthcare. These organizations provide free treatments and testing to the community as well. As shared by (Liamputtong, 2015), a current study shows that in every ten people living with HIV and AIDS, one person has the disadvantage of being denied good health care because of discrimination and stigma.

The volunteers is I Care organization have the responsibility to educate the society about HIV and AIDS. They are also responsible in giving advice to the people living with HIV and AIDS on how to deal with people who discriminate them. These volunteers also are responsible for providing services like guidance and counseling to the discriminated and stigmatized people. I Care organization has the vision in assisting people with HIV and AIDS live a positive and happy life with the help of their family and the society.

The other rough draft is about a community organization that deals with taking care of the elderly in the society. As shared by (Yogo,2016), the current lifestyle and norm of work, the elderly can no longer be taken care of at home. They require extreme care, supervision and healthcare checkups frequently. Thus the organization of St Leonard’s home was formed in the community for that purpose.

The volunteers who work in St Leonard’s home have the responsibility of taking care of the elderly. They are required to feed those who cannot feed themselves, they are required to administer some of the drugs, they are required to take them for checkups at the dispensary and call for a Doctor when the person needs medical attention. The volunteers are generally responsible for the well being of the organization and helps it in achieving its goals. (Yogo,2016)


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