GU 299 week 7 discussion Paying it forward

Paying it forward






Paying it forward

According to (Tasimi, Young, 2016), in today’s society and life, money is everything and one cannot do anything without it. If money was not that important in the society then one of the most important deed I would do is to make someone happy by doing an act of kindness without any expectations or getting privileges. One of the act of kindness I would do to a person is cracking jokes and making them smile, helping them do their work either personal or professional wise, I could also cook for them and make them happy. For a group of persons, I would volunteer to work with them

I would like to do a good act of kindness because of the appreciation I would get. Someone appreciating me for doing good would make me happy and motivate me to do more good. I am also likely to have someone else do the same thing or better to me just by being kind and doing good. By doing a good and making someone happy, my deeds would be acknowledged. The acknowledgment would also be a motivation for me to do something similar or better than that.

From my good deed, I hope that other people can learn from that and start doing good too. This would be a good path for the society to follow. Through the good deed I am able to help someone who is in need of that deed. I am also able to help myself as well, such that if I have a problem it can help me forget it, if I do not have a job or I have retired, it can help pass my time. As shared by (Miller, 2016), a good deed can also be a source for me to meet someone who might be of a positive influence in my personal or professional life.

I feel it would make a difference since people will no longer value and idolize money that much but give heed to the deeds of people. People will be motivated to do more good in the society where there will be good values instilled in the society. This would also make a difference in the society thus people who would be going through some difficulty would get assistance from others.


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