GU 299 week 8 assignment Reflecting on Learning

Reflecting on Learning






Reflecting on Learning

The world around me has proven to be more interested in money. Where people are mostly interested in working so hard for themselves that they forget about humanity. The world around me has people who are experiencing some challenges in life like the homeless and street children and other people have not been interested in helping out. It also has the environment which has been facing some imbalance because of the activities that carried out by people. Where animals have lost their habitat and global warming has been the order of the day (DC Taylor & CE Taylor, 2016).

According to (DC Taylor & CE Taylor, 2016), the world needs people who are compassionate and have the zeal to do good or help out other people. Not only through money but through acts of kindness. The acts that touch other people’s lives. This world needs good mentors and role models. As shared by (Prentice, 2011), the world needs people who motivate others to do good and compel them to be better people. Without such acts then the world around is dying with the many challenges and issues being faced in the communities.

I have learned that it is important to create and maintain relationships with others. Through creating friendships we get to understand other people and the experiences they have gone through. Through these experiences we are able to learn from them. Creating friendships also is good because we get connected to other people such that when there are any privileges that we could be interested in like jobs, they are likely to put in a good word for you. I also learnt that through creating friendships, we have someone to talk to or do interesting things with that some are helpful to us in either physical, social or mental way.

Maintaining such relationships is however the most important because in the society, we need each other. Through maintaining relationships, we are able to share our problems and have them listen to them or try to help if they are in a position to. Another advantage of maintaining such relationships is that you get mentored. Such relationships can always have someone get help when they least expected. We also get guided by being advised on ways we should not do to jeopardize our future. It is thus very important to maintain such relationships either as a professional or a student because there are so many benefits that come with.

Throughout this course work I have learnt that I am a very good listener, that I work best under pressure. I have learnt that I have some weaknesses in procrastinating time. I have also learnt that I work well with group work and team work especially as a group leader because I make sure the group members have equal opportunities in sharing their views on class work or projects. Throughout the course, as I used the developmental model to gauge myself, I was able to learn that I have achieved intercultural sensitivity. I also discovered that I use critical thinking more often in making either personal, professional or educational related issues.

Through this course I learnt that it is my responsibility to help other people when they need me. I learnt that there are so many challenges faced in my community thus I should take the opportunity to volunteer in community organizations that are within the community and the goals of making the community better because it is my responsibility. I also learnt that as a student I have to respect the different cultures of other student, that it is my responsibility to take time and get to know more about them instead of treating them differently. I also learnt that I have the responsibility to work well with other group members in my team in order to produce best results and avoid misunderstandings with others (Prentice, 2011).

There is no limitations when it comes to knowledge thus there are still so many questions that I need answered. As a student, I would like to know how I would like to know how schools benefit when they get to send their students for community service. I would also like to know how schools are able to manage their curriculum when they include community service. I would also like to know whether there are any proven benefits of the impact these students who have worked as volunteers achieved in the community. I would also like to know how community service has been beneficial in a student’s personality.

Throughout my community service, I discovered that I am very passionate in helping out children who are homeless, run away or who live in the streets. I am interested in instilling them with knowledge through education and life skills. Some of my goals include being a good mentor, tutoring and also trying to give them the guidance and counseling they require. I have the opportunity to achieve these goals by continuing with my volunteer work at Stand Up For Kids Organization.


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