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Be the Change






Be the Change

According to (Gilchrist & Taylor, 2016), there are so many issues and challenges faced in the communities that require assistance. Most of these challenges and issues people in the community ignore because they are either not willing to help or too busy to do anything about it. Through my volunteer experience, I was able to help out in the community and realized that there is so much that needs to be done. There are so many challenges that needs to be addressed in the community. Change is inevitable since we always want to do something better or go back to try and change somethings. The community and the world at large need change in order for the issues and challenges to be addressed.

I discovered that there are so many new ideas on community, not just a place where people live in the same area, share resources and can come together. I discovered that people who work in the same organization or in the same workplace also form a community. This is because they are in the same working situation, they share resources and also come together when addressing their views, challenges or issues. Another discovery I made on the idea of community is that it can be comprised of people who have had the same experiences or concerns. Some of the experiences can be substance abuse, domestic violence, discrimination on race or ethnicity or people with disabilities (DC Taylor & CE Taylor, 2016).

The world would be a better place if people were compassionate to one another. Where they would show an act of kindness more often and help those in need with compassion instead of being materialistic. I strongly believe that when welfare of children, animals and people should also be put as a priority because change in it would make the world better. I would also like to see a world where there is unity, peace, love and harmony.

The assets that I have that would invoke change includes my passion in community development and growth, my interests in volunteer work where I share my skills and knowledge with the community. I would also use my knowledge to educate the community on some of the advantages of participating in community development using the skills I acquired in communication skills and critical thinking when making decisions.


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