Hate Speech

Hate Speech



Hate speech are words or sentiments made to spark hatred and animosity and fuel harsh emotions from the consumers of the message. Hate speech is a form of contentious politic and usually it is common among the opposing parties of the government. Hate speech is made to tarnish the officials in the government so that the society can have a negative thought about the leaders in the government. Politicians tend to use this form of contentious politics as a weapon to their enemies.

Sometimes back, a case of hate speech was reported to me where one of the leader in the opposition was involved in hate speech through an advocacy of national and racial hatred that constituted incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence among the members in the society. The opponent leader made a statement when addressing the public which was an advocacy of racial hatred. The first decision that I took was to punish the victim according to the law for committing the crime. Second was to define and explain what hate speech is to the victim and what hate speech can do to the society. Explain to the victim the effects of hate speech to the society. Lastly, would be to educate the victim on the laws and policies about such behaviors and the consequences that accompany such behaviors and beliefs. This could be done through giving the individual involved in the crime a constitution to read about what the constitution says about the crime and how it is punishable by law.

In conclusion, the last step to take would be to encourage the victim to love people despite their nationality and race. Also encourage the victim to always maintain a good relationship with all the people without any sort of discrimination. Explain to the victim the benefits of being neutral to everyone and avoiding discrimination to other members in the society. Through this, I would have discouraged the crime from being repeated and also maintained the rights of the people.


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