Health Care Services

Health Care Services

Review the diagram and complete the chart. The diagram shows that health care services are mostly unique; however, they have some similarities.

Military and veteran health care serviceThey all have policies that are menat to be followed.It is only accessible to the military, veterans and their families.Mental health care serviceIt is only accessible to people with mental health illness and have insurance for mental health.
Rehabilitation health care serviceIt is accessible to people who need to be reformed and have health insurance.Indian Health Care ServiceIt is accessible to American Indians or Alaska natives who have been federally acknowledged by the government.

Select four health care services, such as primary care, mental health, rehabilitation services, acute care, military and veteran services, or Indian health services. Write the name of each selected service in the boxes provided below.

Write two sentences comparing the differences between each of the services selected.

Name of Health Care Service Describe the differences or uniqueness of the services.
Military and Veteran health care services This is a health care service that is only accessible to military and veteran families only. According to ( Bagalman, 2014), this health service provide a variety of services based on the veteran specifications and experiences. These services include mental and behavior health, drug and substance abuse and those health problems associated with trauma.This health care service is provided with the most qualified clinicians in a modern, well equipped setting that uses up-to-date technology with several therapeutic procedures, medications and non medication advancements to amplify positive results. (Bagalman, 2014)
Mental health care service This is a health care service that is open to people with insuarances that cover for mental health. It is a service that aims to improve mental health in people that suffer from mental illness. (Shi & Singh, 2014) shares that it strives to obstruct mental disorders and attaining defeat over mental illness through creating awareness, doing extensive research, advocacy and providing the services needed. This health care service however works with very many partners and benefactors in order to advance policy endorsements that are fit for mental health services. It is also responsible for making sure that the rights and dignity of people suffering from mental health are protected. It ensures that the plights of people suffering from mental health are included, self-directed and worked on for recovery.
Rehabilitation services This is a health care service that deals with people who are impaired or lost because they were either unwell, disabled or injured and require assistance in getting their life back on track. The rehabilitation service thus helps them acquire skills that they had lost so they coul become useful in their daily routines. (Shi & Singh, 2014)The rehabilitation health care services require health insuarance. It offers therapy which are physical and professional. They also offer services such as speech language pathology and psychiatric reformation and can be accessed as either inpatient or outpatient.
Indian health servicesThis is a health care service that is to be accessed or used by American Indian and Alaska Natives who have been acknowledged by the federal government of the United States. As shared by (Shi & Singh, 2014), this health service enables any federally registered Indian or Alaska native to aceess hospitals and clinics despite the tribe or salary. It is however a disadvantage to Indians who have departed from their tribe due to work or education because they will not be able to access the services they are entitled to.This health care service provides Indians with the opportunity to apply for a health care cover of low income equipped by the state or local government. The indian health services can set up an agreement that allows certain tribes to get certain or specific care. (Shi & Singh, 2014)

Write a response to the following prompt:

Describe the similarities between all four services.

According to (Shi & Singh, 2014), all the health care services have a specific group they are dealing with. The military and veterans health care service can only be accessed by those who are in the military or veterans and their families. The same is also applicable to the Indian health care services because only American Indian or Alaska Natives can access. In rehabilitation service and mental health services, only those who need rehabilitation or have mental illness will access the service.

All the health care services have policies that are meant to be followed. Some of the policies include insurance. One cannot access health care service without insurance. Those who are employed have access to health care through their employer who pays for their insurance. For one to access rehabilitation or mental health service, one ought to have an insurance that specifically includes the specific service. For those who are in the military or are veterans have the government paying for their health care and accessing military and veteran health care services. Those who are uninsured or have low incomes are supported by the government through Medicare or Medicaid.


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