Employee Selection and Evaluation Process

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Employee Selection and Evaluation Process

Every employer needs to hire competent and most qualified employees. The main importance of an effective employee selection and evaluation process is to determine various qualities that the employer is looking for. It is a process for measuring the level of skills, passion, communication capabilities, teamwork ability and overall experience on the position being offered. The employee selection process for the Maintenance Technician/Janitor position will be based on the resources and staffing procedures of the company (Farr & Tippins, 2013).

Among the three candidates involved, I would conduct a preliminary screening of their resumes to determine their academic qualification levels, skills, experience and personal qualities that can complement the supervisory position. The importance of employee selection process is to ensure that the most qualified and appropriate candidate is selected to ensure the quality of services and reduce room for errors committed during the working process (Abrams, 2011). Moreover, it would save the employer time and wastage of resources that may be spent due to high employee turnover rate. Resumes play an important role in determining the desired aspect in a candidate. The referees in the resumes act as the confirmatory or verification agents of the applicants (Edwards & Edwards, 2016).

All of the three candidates, Joe Johnson, Rose Smith and Jan Tor, must undergo deep scrutiny in their selection process. The three candidates have desired aspects, but one of them has an added advantage overall the rest. Evaluation of their resumes will be a great determinant of their qualification for the Maintenance Technician/Janitor’s position advertised. Starting with Jan Tor, her resume shows astounding competence that can be utilized in a Maintenance Technician/Janitor’s position. Her summary denotes passion and dedication. When it comes to her skills, her communication skills, problem-solving capabilities and leadership abilities show that she can handle the supervisory position.

Moreover, assessing her experience, Tor exhibits vast experience as she has worked in many companies and has had multiple responsibilities that fit a Maintenance Technician/Janitor. For example, she has been a service technician thus depicting the capability to troubleshoot and solve problems. Secondly, she worked as an HVAC student technician, freight handler, sale representative and a dispatcher in a grocery store. All these aspects depict a candidate who has experience and the skills to exercise a leadership role. Tor’s academic and training accomplishments give her an added advantage for the position on top of the high school diploma that she holds.

When it comes to Rose E. Smith, she exhibits desirable personal skills such as dependability, hardworking, reliability, team player and ability to adapt to new environments. She also shows a wide range of experience in similar positions with multiple roles that give her vast experience on maintenance and janitor positions. Rose has 11-year experience in various organizations, and this gives her a competitive advantage as this depicts that if given the supervisory position, she would know what is expected of the job. However, Rose’s limitation when compared to Tor is shown in the academic qualifications. She only has a high school diploma while her Tor has the same plus many other certified pieces of training to compliment her high school diploma.

On the other hand, when it comes to Joe Johnson, he has the most experience among the three candidates have worked in a similar position from 1987 to 2009. His roles show that he has been in a supervisory position before as his latest job required him to oversee both full-time and part-time employees. Moreover, not only does he show competence in maintenance docket but also shows great skills that complement a janitor as he has once worked in cleaning offices, kitchens, libraries and public areas among other sectors.

When compared to all other candidates, Joe shows great competence in technician roles as he has worked in renowned organizations and has such skills as welding, maintenance, plumbing, plastering, electrical installation, metal forming and casting and interpretation of blue prints. Moreover, he has reporting and communication skills as he used to communicate weekly to his superiors on work progress. When it comes to training and academic qualifications, Joe is still the best candidate as he was a college graduate and has wielding and machining skills compared to the other two high school diploma candidates.

Based on the analysis and evaluation of the three candidates on the merits of competence on skills, academic qualifications, leadership roles, and training, Joe Joseph is the most qualified and appropriate candidate for the position. He is the most experienced, has highest academic qualifications and training, and has a competitive personality that fit the Maintenance Technician/Janitor position (Edwards & Edwards, 2016). The age bracket that Joe fall into also shows the capability of managing younger employees and the fact that he has worked in renowned organizations puts him in a leadership advantage. Most importantly, just like the rest of the candidates, Joe is a team player who can communicate effectively and make work reports to his superiors, an aspect that is desirable for the position that is to be filled.

Rose and Tor have been limited by their experience levels, academic qualifications and the training and skills levels that they have when compared to Joe. Consequently, Joe is the most appropriate candidate for the job (Farr & Tippins, 2013). The hiring process requires the management to look for a candidate who will be most efficient, productive and would make the company incur the least cost when it comes to training while maximizing total utility on skills offered to the company. Apparently, Joe Joseph’s resume outlines that candidate.


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