HIS 100 Theme 2 Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet

HIS 100 Theme 2:Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet

Prompt: Fill in each of the fields below using information from a secondary source of your choice. Be sure to include specific examples (page numbers, etc.).

Full APA citation: Teaching History.org, home of the National History Education Clearinghouse. Retrieved September 16, 2016, from http://teachinghistory.org/history-content/beyond-the-textbook/25484
Identify author and describe potential biases. Christopher Hamner. The author is against the atomic bomb because all of his writing is negative towards the use of the bomb.
Identify thesis and arguments. Thesis: “Their concerns revolved around a cluster of related issues: whether the use of the technology was necessary to defeat an already crippled Japan; whether a similar outcome could be effected without using the bomb against civilian targets; whether the detonation of a second bomb days after the first, before Japan had time to formulate its response, was justified; and what effect the demonstration of the bomb’s devastating power would have on postwar diplomacy, particularly on America’s uneasy wartime alliance with the Soviet Union.” (Christopher Hamner)Argument:“That exhibit would place the invention of atomic weapons and the decision to use them against civilian targets in the context of World War II and the Cold War, provoking broader questions about the morality of strategic bombing and nuclear arms in general.” (Christopher Hamner)There are a lot of supporting arguments in this source. The author has stated multiple reasons why there is so much controversy about the atomic bomb and gives reasons why people see it as a struggle.
What primary sources did the source rely on? Leo Szilard’s Petition to the President (1945)Henry Stimson’s Letter to President Truman (1945)Leaflet Dropped Over Japan (1945)U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey (1946)
Is the source reliable and convincing? Why or why not? Yes, this source is very convincing. The author is a very knowledgeable person and is a history teacher. He writes in a very professional manner and uses good primary sources.
How does the source relate to your project topic? How does it add to what you already know about the topic? This source relates to my topic because I am writing about whether or not the atomic bomb was a good idea, why they chose to drop it, and the controversy related to the atomic bomb. It adds some more points such as the museum and showing the display off. This article shows me ways I didn’t think of before.

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