HIS 110 assginment 3

Assignment 3

Hamilton and Jefferson has two very different views on the growth and development of the country. Hamilton is political minded while Jefferson is economical minded which gave us the difference between the two fathers of the United States. Both fathers different on whether the United States would either go with small farming or manufacturing. Jefferson noticed that his vison based his views on society that is agriculture and continued to focus on small farming. His reasoning behind this was because he had a clear mind that America will benefit from the import of goods from other countries. But Hamilton didn’t think that way he wanted the United States to manufactured everything, because he believe that it can improve the economy.

  • Describe the difference between Hamilton’s vision and Jefferson’s vision – does Jefferson’s vision fit with Jefferson’s personal beliefs and his policies in the White House?

Due to politics, both of their visions were highly different which they agree and disagree about. They both visualized different terms of direction in this factor and the view of political sections of the country. For an example the egalitarians was Jefferson advocated for where all of the farmer can be treated equaled and co-exist, with eventually given birth to democracy for multiple people. Hamilton has a different view on this situation he believed on a stratified society where there would not exist as much to complain on the powers based on the riches. The owner s of the manufacturing farms could hold ore political power that held by their workers. He viewed that there was nothing wrong with inequality as long as the goal of the manufacturing society are pursed in the United States. During the presidency was one of a kind since he was committed to his beliefs and philosophical understanding. People known him for improving and promoting democracy as well as reducing the power of government and followed the constitution very strictly.

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