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Idea Generation

Idea generation is a process of coming with creative and innovative concepts, thoughts and ways of doing things and then communicating them so that they can be understood by in simple terms by a given target audience. I have learnt that getting new ideas out of the subconscious is not an easy process. You need to do great ground work with patience then slowly cajole your mind to spit out a great idea that can be transformative and game changing.

Admittedly, once in a while there can be that eureka moment that hits you like a bolt in the middle of the night that hauls you from bed to scribble it down lest you forget but that is not how most people get their fresh ideas. The old adage is true when it says that opportunity comes to a prepared mind and that is how it has always been with me. My mind tends to work overdrive when I spend time pouring over volumes of books in the library or watch a documentary on an innovative topic. Sometimes, all it takes is a conversation with an old person who has some thoughts about how things used to be done. Children are also a great source of inspiration, they have these pure and unadulterated minds oozing with fantasies and exciting ideas.

One of the things that greatly concerns me is the number of children dropping out of school every year. What is more is that majority of students who drop out of school come from low income families and that is likely to bring more social problems because of the cycle of poverty(Carver & Lewis,2011).

I strongly believe that this is problem that concerns all of us because if one part of society is left behind it drags the rest with it and that is why I think there is need for concerted efforts. I am pretty sure that there is lots of information and research on this topic and I will be able to find as much as i need.


Carver, P., & Lewis, L. (2011). Dropout prevention services and programs in public school districts: 2010-2011. First Look. NCES 2011-037. Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED524175)

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