Impacts and methods of controlling cybercrimes

Impacts and methods of controlling cybercrimes




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Cybercrimes are crimes done by use of computers. In other terms, cybercrimes are the crimes whereby the computer is the main object associated with the crime. Those people associated with cybercrimes can be defined as hackers. Cybercrime is becoming global issue as it is affecting companies and organizations in different countries and states. Examples of cybercrime include fraud and identity theft. These cybercrime have got serious impacts to the society, country and nation at large (Holt, 2016). Some of the impacts include, bullying, computer viruses, malware, service attacks and many others.

Techno crime can as well be said to be more of cybercrime or less than because both are crimes committed by use of internet. Techno crime has been committed by hackers because of advancement in technology creating new ways and methods of computer crimes. Urbanization and industrialization has led to creation of detection methods of these cybercrimes. This is because of the serious impacts generated from the cybercrimes (Baiden, 2012). Loss of information and computer damage has been experienced by variety of companies from the hackers which may lead to loss of the business or closure. On the other hand, cyber bullying has impacted to our society today whereby an individual may decide to take away his or her life to the effects of cyber bullying.

Cybercrime has major impacts to our society today ranging from harassment, loss of money, installing virus to computers as well as offensive contents. Business owners have lost economic value and loyalty to customers due to cybercrimes (Holt, 2016). Cybercrimes affects the state in general as seen from the example of USA economy losing 32 billion dollars through fraud. Statistics from research has portrayed that approximately 75 million people in United States experienced cybercrimes which in turn lead to loss of income costing the stability of the state. The hackers can even access personal emails in an organization leaking personal information to the public. This costs the organization as the consumers lacks trust for the employers and managers. Personal information like credit cards, Identity and other useful information may become inaccessible leading to cyber bullying.

Cyber crimes have had overwhelming impacts not only to an individual but also to businesses and nation at large (Baiden, 2012). For instance, a state like United States is suffering economically due to increment of cyber crimes which are creating economic loss day in day out. It is therefore important to find ways and measures of curbing the various cybercrimes to have future losses and well cyber bullying and personal information theft. The following are some ways in which we should mitigate and control cybercrimes in our country and state in general.

According to Holt (2016), in order to mitigate cybercrime, we should deal with the issue of cyber security first. Cyber security is also a global concern because every nation is facing different cybercrimes. The cyber crimes are calling for social, political and global corporation to ensure that every sector is covered with tight cyber security. Incorporation of cybercrime prevention measures, creation of public awareness and installation of anti-virus should be some of the priorities.

Baiden (2012) the issue of global corporation should be taken serious because information is shared worldwide and need to be protected. Conflicts between countries or states should be avoided so that we can mitigate cybercrimes. Sharing of ideas between different countries leads to excellent solutions concerning cybercrime and cyber security. Good plans and ways of curbing cyber crimes would be beneficial to all countries and to the whole nation if we have good relationship to each other. Political stability also has much to do with the cybercrime mitigation as every citizen would not fear to report any issue of cybercrimes and other related crimes. Global Corporation is highly needed in the cybercrime control measures and prevention.

Amazon, Bulger king and other big companies need to work hand in hand to ensure that there are business protection measures to avoid loss of information, money and goods through online bases (Holt, 2016). Citizens as well need to be protected from cyber bullying through awareness creation and education to all. Technology advancements have ensured that today, we can detect and report any cybercrime. We are living in an Era whereby we can use technology to locate the hackers and be able to deal with them despite the more new techniques these hackers are implementing each day. The government should as well facilitate funds to different corporation of online security to be able to continue creating and implementing new ways of dealing with cybercrimes.

If one country is having cybercrime issue, it is a problem to every country and a nation. Cybercrimes puts pressure to all businesses and all countries because of the fierce impacts. It is important for organizations to educate the employees on ways to avoid cybercrimes, threats and attacks. Use of malware protection strategies and anti-virus detection is also used today. Businesses are encouraged to conduct transactions in free environment secured with firewall to avoid hacking (Baiden, 2012). Nations should have strict regulations and laws governing cybercrimes. These regulations and laws should be regulated and implemented fully. Those caught up against these laws should serve server punishment and penalty.

Every individual and employee should be advised to change computer password to new one to avoid the hackers using it. The password should not be known to other people and should not be easy to guess. Employers, leaders and managers should use unique passwords in an organization. Educate the staff on accessing attachments found in other sites as well as accessing different unknown sites. The employees must be aware of different emails and be able to overcome them. Use supported version of software and ensure that you also have software patches which are up to date. Backup plan and information is as well encouraged (Baiden, 2012). Use IP when you have employees using remote access because it is highly targeted by most hackers. Let every individual be responsible in an organization. The manager should have high skills and techniques of day to day issues concerning cybercrimes.

In conclusion, the best and useful way to protect against cybercrimes is being vigilant, proactive as well as advanced series of cyber security plans. The criminal justice administration should also be improved in order to develop skills to curb challenges of cybercrimes. International Corporation should be introduced as discussed above. Parents and guardian should be responsible on checking the kids and their activities to avoid being used by the hackers.


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