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Climate change has got variety of impacts to animals, humans and plants. Flora and fauna has been affected at about 80 per cent which has because some endemic plants migrate to other parts of the world. The level of today’s climate change is alarming whereby some plants and animals are being killed before they adjust to the environment. Due to increased temperature and interrupted rainfall, most of animals and plants would move to coastal regions and northwards. For instance, native California plants would migrate to favourable climate in northwards. Biodiversity has been affected as depicted from 4 years research. If the flora cannot disperse in a faster rate, it makes it hard to cope with the changing climate changes (www£1). The research shows that with time the flora and fauna would definitely collapse because the climate change threatens the survivals of both plants and animals.

Climate change has been witnessed to bring moral issues because of economic, humans and social changes brought about by the impacts. The research carried out by Baha’I international community shows that climate change would lead to rising of sea levels. This would in turn lead to migration of people living in these areas (www£2). The country would have so many refugees searching for accommodation, shelter and food. The moral issues and ethical issues which comes with climate changes were said to be life and death scenario. Politics are also involved in climate change as many people trust those scientists from liberal democratic but do not trust those from republicans (www£3). In order to reduce global warming leading to climate change, we need to exercise sustainable transportation, sustainable infrastructure, use of renewable energy, responsible consumption and recycling of waste products and Use of clean energy as well as renewable energy should be used.

In conclusion, climate change is not a state’s problem but global concern. The impacts are alarming therefore any activity leading to climate change should be stopped. Mitigations to global warming should be taken seriously because if we don’t act now, there would be no future flora and fauna. Strict measures should govern the implemented strategies to ensure that every proposed action has been put in use.


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