Importance of Literature Review

Importance of Literature Review




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Importance of Literature Review

Literature review is very important before writing the final draft of the research. All research papers are trusted depending on how literature review has been done. Literature review acts as the basics of the research which guides the reader on how much you have invested on other scholars through making comparison on different works. The research would be of less importance if it would lack literature review. Literature review helps the researcher understand about the underlying assumption as many scholars have argued. Literature review also has got much importance not only to the researchers but also to the readers of the research. This paper therefore explains the importance of literature review on research (Srivastava, 2007).

In order for the audience or the readers to understand that you have done your work, your work should have a literature review. On the research paper, literature review creates a rapport to the readers whereby it builds trust to them on the quality of the work you have done. The more articles listed on your research about the literature review you have carried out helps to build more trust to the audience listening to your research. Literature review also acts as a guide to the researcher to give large context concerning his research. In other words, literature review sharpens your work whereby reading other people’s work acts as guide in writing your own research. In addition, through literature review you get to understand methods of avoiding plagiarism which may happen as accidents in your research (Webster, & Watson, 2010).

In conclusion, there is much importance in reviewing related literature and other sources early enough which will act as a guide in your research. It also helps the researchers in refining their work and understands many important things to add or to reduce in their research. Literature review provides direction to the whole research processes and if it lacks it will not be given credit. So I support the scholars who argue that the literature review is important in writing a research proposal (Srivastava, 2007).


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