Incident Response Planning

Incident Response Planning

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Incident Response Plan Comparison

In comparing the sample incident response plan to the description given in the reading, I find that the sample plan is very detailed and covers virtually all questions that need to be answered during an incident. All of the procedures and directives seem to be well thought out and easy to follow. With the plan being as descriptive as it is, it allows for anyone to follow the steps, no matter who has to enact it.

While very detailed, there are a few things that I would add to the plan. In the first section for personnel to be contacted, I would add the Legal Department just in case there any legal issues that may need to be dealt with. Next, in section six, as the severity of the incident is unknown, I would exclude the discussion of the event over the telephone, other than the pertinent details of being alerted to the incident. I would have the members report to the office to sit down and determine the response strategy as soon as possible, it not immediately available. A lot of things could transpire when sitting on the phone having a conversation. I think it would be better to be in place, able to assess everything that is going on as quickly as possible. For section eight, although it mentions that additional procedures could be developed as needed, there should be a procedure to contact the authorities if there may be an incident that threatens life or safety. Also, I would insert section as section 10 and push all other sections down one. Lastly, for section 12, Depending on the type and severity of the incident, I would have the team determine if it would be in the best interests to use the same systems again, albeit they would be restored. It may behoove the organization to install a new system rather than try to restore a previously infected one.

As I stated, aside from the changes that I would make, the incident response plan appears to be a solid plan, and if everything is followed as it has been laid out, the response team should be able to quickly assess the situation and fix the issues.


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