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Quality management ensures that the quality of a service or product of an organization is consistent. It has four main components which include; quality assurance, quality planning, quality control and quality improvement. It not only focuses on the quality of the service or product but also the means to achieve it.

History of evolution of quality management

A lot of transformations have occurred for the past forty years due to evolution of management. Evolution of management began in japan in the 1970s and since then many industries all over the world have adopted quality management. Evolution of quality management started from the early methods such as quality control and traditional quality thinking. The evolution of these methods to Total Quality Management method has made the production process more manageable hence more effective and efficient.

Why it is needed

To streamline management activities, the company has employed some directions which are aimed at ensuring that the organization achieves its goals and objectives. These directions include designing quality into the product through design of the product, also by designing quality into the process through improved process design that effectively eliminated human errors from the process, clearly defining the specifications of the customer and the requirements in terms of quality up front and making item for consumption and process design a collective effort among all the stakeholders intricate in the production process.

Programs such as Deming’s and six sigma developed with time. Deming developed an approach that could be used to manage effectively a management system. Though it was not as effective since it did not explain clearly, it played a great role in the evolution of quality management. Six sigma was developed to improve on the shortcomings of the Deming approach.


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