Interesting part in statistics course

Enjoyable moments in statistics course

When dealing with Engineering statistics, it was one of the favorites in statistics course. Why say this? Engineering statistics employ both primary and secondary analysis which seems best to use as they fall under experiment design method used in formulating engineering problems. Apart from other methods, using statistics to solve engineering problems is the best (Mendenhall & Sincich, 2016). Primary analysis stage makes it easy and interesting as it includes protocols that governs the procedures and secondary analysis extends analyzation.

Another enjoyable moment in Engineering statistics is when statistics is used as a tool to manage production rules and this leads to quality production. In future when I will own an engineering company, I believe I will use statistics to avoid quality problems. By its factor of providing engineering methods and time management, statistics identifies repeated performances during production in order to set high standards (Mendenhall & Sincich, 2016). Not forgetting system performance, statistics measures it and its operating time. Methods used in statistics makes it sweet during system identification as mathematical models are created acquired from measured data.


All advantages mentioned above can influence anybody to use statistics when dealing with engineering it being a career subject. By analyzing data, designing, providing quality production and system identification, statistics really play a big role. Also, the methods effect all the process and production by setting high standards. We can conclude that statistics makes engineering more interesting by using quantitative and qualitative data methods in solving problems. These methods can be break down further to discrete, continuous, nominal and ordinal data which makes it more enjoyable.


Mendenhall, W. M., & Sincich, T. L. (2016).ย Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences. Chapman and Hall/CRC.

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