International Plastics Inc Manufacturing eCommerce Integration Proposal

International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing eCommerce Integration Proposal




International Plastics Inc. Manufacturing eCommerce Integration Proposal

Ecommerce by definition is the carrying out of transactions electronically over the internet. An integration of ecommerce into International Plastics will need the creation of a department that will handle this type of transactions in the company. Specialization of employees in this department will lead to the success of e-commerce In the company. Deployment of software and hardware into the new office setup that can handle electronic transaction will make this success idea a reality (Johnston, 2013). International Plastics already has a head start on this since the new design of their networking was designed to handle future growth and expansion. As for server spaces needed to handle transactions over the web, International plastics already has some of the infrastructure needed to handle it. Server software will be needed to handle ecommerce.

Integrating E-Commerce into International Plastics

The newly created International Plastics e-commerce department will be tasked with the with the developing the company’s e-commerce roadmap. This will include laying down the strategies, recruiting the right personnel for the company to achieve the success it desires. Use of an e-commerce website, email, social media and offline media will e useful in the company’s e-e-commerce presence. Offline media will aid in the awareness of the company’s online presence. It will prop services Google Adsense that the company will use to drive traffic to their platform and thus revenue for the company. Modern trends on the internet like Search Engine Optimization will be used to make company’s products visible among other competitors offering similar products (Logan, 2016).

To see a success, International Plastics will have to adopt a plan for execution of their strategies. Steps are involved in this process include; Planning, website development, website implementation, mobile app development and social media presence. A timeline of these phases will make each and every step be executed with sufficient time spent on each of them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a modern trend that cannot be ignored. There are people who have a made a career in optimizing content for the web and companies that have risen to the top jus because their content was ranking higher in search engines thus translating to sales and retained customer base or audience for content consumption. International Plastics cannot ignore this phase in the development of e-commerce platform. Following recommendations from search engines like Google and Bing and using structured data will help search engines in picking up the content that International Plastics is aiming at putting it out there. With the correct structured data, keyword density and relevant topics, International Plastics can easily to the top and this will translate to more clicks and more revenue that the company intents in the long run.

Functional Requirements

The basic technical requirement for the development of an e-commerce if the selection of model, for this case Business to Business (B2B), and the technical staff that can develop this platform. B2B is a model of ecommerce that involves doing businesses or transactions between businesses. For this to happen, International Plastics must implement software and hardware to run the web. This includes and physical server hardware, likely provided by companies like IBM , Cisco etc and server hardware like Apache for web hosting (Schoenfield, 2015).. A sophisticated Content Management System like Drupal will smoothen adoption and provide room for improvement in future without giving security a second thought. All these systems have been tried and tested over time and will provide the best needed security.

To secure the website, cryptographic security protocols like TLS – Transport layer Security or SSL – Secure Socket Layer will have to be used. For International Plastics, SSL will be most appropriate to be used. SSL encrypts information between the browser and the server securely avoiding man in the middle attacks who can steal passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data. SSL is nowadays a factor in Google search rankings hence better SEO performance

Justification for E-Commerce Integration

Over the years, more and more businesses are adopting a n online platform where make their online presence. This has proofed beneficial to many companies as they have increased their sales, customer base and even some companies have considered moving fully online while others are still in the transitioning phase (Logan, 2016). The adoption of Smartphones across the world will see their mobile applications reach a large number of people. International plastics will make it’s presence and could benefit from the services brought about by the internet. If there will be the adoption of B2B, International Plastics could restructure their ERP accommodate and intergrate e-commerce into their platform.


International Plastics e-commerce department created will be responsible for the implementation of and the utilization of web services to improve the company’s e-commerce and online presence (Schoenfield, 2015). Despite the fact that the company will incur an initial cost setting up everything, the benefits will be realized in the long run.


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