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Having a one on one conversation with a mentor is very important for one’s career. Personally, talking to Mr. Sammy has helped me grow and develop my ideas regarding my career. He guided me through the most appropriate school that would be the best fit for someone like me who is interested in venturing in the Hospitality Industry. Moreover, he offered a suggestion of courses that would best suit me in University. Most importantly, Mr. Sammy explained to me a couple of challenges that he had experienced along the way in his path to become one of the best business owners in the city. As such, I feel more motivated to reach my goals.

Moreover, I appreciated the fact that he provided me with a mixture of advice that will in turn help me to come up with my own answers, both now and in future. This is due to the fact that he gave me first-hand practical and applicable advice. As such, I felt encouraged pursue my dreams and goals. The expertise information he shared with me enabled me to gain confidence and motivation which will henceforth reflect in my grades. Moreover, as a result of the interview, I am more informed about the best work experience that I should seek to prepare me for employment in the Hospitality Sector.

Generally, the question and answer aspect of the interview went well as I felt that my questions were answered adequately. Additionally, the explanations into every question including the examples shared by Mr. Sammy were exceptionally informative and revealing. However, the interview only took fifteen minutes. I feel that, if allocated more time, I would have had more questions to ask Mr. Sammy. For example, I would have appreciated the opportunity to enquire about networking in the hospitality industry.

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