Introduction to the Course

Introduction to the course

I have learnt that writing is a decision-making a process that involves many small and tiny factors coming into play before a document can be ready to be consumed by readers. It involves someone developing an argument, choosing what kind of words to use to articulate the position that he holds. It also entails how he can reach out to others and persuade them to agree with that view that he holds. Writing requires one to give his full commitment and time because it entails one doing research to know what others think about a given issue before forming personal opinions.

Writing also entail using others people’s work through quotations, summary and paraphrasing and these three skills are very important. Quotations, for instance, is where someone lifts a portion of a source document and uses it perhaps to advance or affirm his position. The thing with quotations is that they are to be identical to the original document word for word, and the author or source must be acknowledged. Summarizing is the process of writing a large part of a document in brief by only highlighting the main points. It is a very important skill in writing this where that helps in comprehension. It is a brief overview of a larger document. Paraphrasing is condensed and put in the words other than the ones it was in.

I also learned about the dangers and consequences of plagiarism. Plagiarism is where someone uses someone else’s work without acknowledging the original author and giving him the recognition. Plagiarism lowers the credibility and devalues research work and the standing of an academic institution if not checked. Students are supposed to be assisted to learn how to use various skill to do honest research work and to form personal positions.

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