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As total quality management takes shape in major organizations several principle and strategies should be observed in order to achieve its success in an organization. It implementation should be given priority since production or manufacture of quality products is a primary objective in the firm. For the success of total quality the management should consider the principles and strategies. The aim of the paper is to discuss the principles and strategies of the implementation of total quality (Naidu, Babu, & Rajendra, 2006).

To begin with the principles, total quality has three principles; satisfying the customer, satisfying the supplier and continuous improvement. To satisfy the customer is important for total quality management. The final consumer who pays for the product should feel the worth product he or she paid. Total quality should also ensure that the product satisfies all the suppliers that are involved in the product. The product should satisfy all the suppliers in the supply chain. Lastly, the organization should ensure continuous improvement of the product; this can be achieved by working smarter and not harder by using new methods, asking workers of their suggestions, and employing quality methods to replace the old methods of production (Naidu, Babu, & Rajendra, 2006).

Total quality management can be implemented using three strategies; the guru approach which the firm uses the teachings of quality thinkers such as Deming’s 14 points to access the deficiencies of the organization and improve on them. Second, is the TQM element approach which uses tools of quality improvement such as statistical process control and quality circles to improve quality? Third, organizational model approach is one in which a team visits other organizations that have taken up best roles in TQM and apply them in the organization (Naidu, Babu, & Rajendra, 2006).

To conclude, the organization should employ the strategies and principles of implementing total quality as discussed above for the success of the organization. The senior management should take leadership role in implementing it.


Naidu, N. V., Babu, K. M., & Rajendra, G. (2006). Total quality management. New Delhi: New Age International.

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