Islamic Religion Project Outline

Islamic Religion Project Outline





Date due:

Islamic Religion Project Outline

Topic: Religion

Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: Getting to know exactly what is entailed in Islamic religion


Name, location and preview of the site

  1. Islam is a monotheistic religion just like Christianity
    • Islam believes in one God(Allah)
    • Islam believes in the existence of the holy spirit
    • Islam believes in the existence of god
    • All these are according to (Kassam & Bailey, 2006).
  2. Belief
    • Belief in life after death
    • Belief in judgment for good or bad deeds

    Interview summary

    1. I visited Muslim association of Hawaii
      • I interviewed the leader of that mosque. Muslim leaders are called Imam as they told me” Any leader of a congregation of Allah is called an Imam” The Imam was Sheikh Aboud.
      • The site is well built rounded theme shaped houses that I was informed that they are places of worship similar to Mecca. They symbolize it to foster unity among the Muslim people who believe in this one faith.
    2. Comparing and contrasting with other religions.

      1. Most people have confused Islam as it has been portrayed in the recent past in relation to terrorism and such kind of wrong doings as the imam told me. “Islam is a religion that respects all other religions. Some terrorists have hidden under the umbrella of protecting Islam and its faith by going to the levels that not accepted to everyone by any standard”. What he told me was also in accordance and asserted by (Klausen, 2005).
        • Islam is a religion that has it’s believe in one God. The God who created by everyone as told in the Quran.
        • It is very important to note that Muslims only believe in the Arabic copy of the Quran. They believe that others translated are not religious. “They are just extras and subordinate to the Quran”, the Imam told me.
      2. After a careful overview of the Islamic religion, I found that it was very similar and in close proximity with the Christian religion. The similarities as mentioned by (Armstrong, 1993) are as follows;

        These two religions also have their various differences. Their main differences were brought about by the fact that they were both one long time ago then there was a misunderstanding between the two on who was the last among the prophets of god. There were other differences but all are as summarized below.

        1. They both believe in one God(monotheistic religion)
          • They believe in the existence of Angels created by God
          • God is the creator of everything is the believe held by both and god created everything through command
          • They both believe that there is life after death.
        2. Conclusion

          1. Muslims believe that Mohammed was the last prophet of God while Christians on the other hand have a believe that Jesus is the last among the many prophets of God (Armstrong, 1993).
            • Christians believe that a bible written in another language provided that it still holds the original meaning according to the Jewish language is acceptable. Muslims only believes in the Original Quran written in Arabic (Rehman, 2007).
          2. In conclusion, different believes have different ways of worshiping but all end up with worshiping a supreme God. Muslim is not an exception to this. Just like any other religion, they have a place of worship and a spiritual leader. They have a specific way in which they worship God according to their own understanding (Kassam & Bailey, 2006).


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