Issues Affecting Criminal Justice System

Issues Affecting Criminal Justice System




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Issues Affecting Criminal Justice System

Criminal justice system has been affected by many issues not only the past, current but also future issues are showing potential. Criminal justice system has been faced by disproportionality and also disparity whereby the offenders are been treated unequally. Disproportionality simply occurs in the population whereby the groups of population are treated according to the numbers. This brings a lot of issues not only to the victims but also to the whole system. Disparity is experienced by the wrong doers whereby they are not treated the same. There are racial differences experienced by the criminal justice system. Racial differences are witnessed every sector when a serious consequence is being administered to the offenders. Ethnic differences are also highly witnessed for a long period of time not only to one group but also various ethnic groups (Gottfredson & Gottfredson, 2007).

Conclusively, the above discussed issues will impact to the criminal justice system even in the future. There are many other issues affecting criminal justice system including technological advancements, multilateral innovation and also the rise in the trending social media. The criminal justice system have been stormed both the beliefs and also the norms. Every activity needs serious change in order to make the system the better place to be. Criminal justice system needs correctional measures in order to get rid of these issues (Andrews et al. 2006).


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