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The desire to develop ITIL is aimed to standardize the information technology services by the agencies and governments in the world. It is a very critical practice that streamlines computing businesses thus generating revenue to the government. Major focus of the system is to allow companies to implement proper documentation of processes both in large and small scales firms. Service consists of major practices which include service designing to assess business management and ensuring continuous services improvement and better operation. The article, therefore, will focus on information that is needed for the certification of ITIL.

According to ITIL Certification Training | ITIL V3 Foundation Course Online (2016), the fundamental foundation of ITIL is important information tool needed for certification purposes. These cover the entire general concept of services offered by the information technology structure and ensuring proper knowledge know-how of the cycle. General industrial method focused on qualifications to understand the framework of IT and methods of adoption thus reducing the gap in the management of information. Practitioners are required to acquire the framework and other scenario surrounding the workability in everyday life (ITIL Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths, 2017).

ITIL concept of mastery is supposed to demonstrate a high level of comprehensive knowledge to support information technology and management systems. The mastery information technology places the practitioners in a position to develop expertise techniques of ITIL to support the processes. These require a macro approach to database in full details for the best practices. The companies and governments that embrace ITIL system tend to gain abilities and confident to stand out among the rest in terms of growth and services delivery to their customer. Furthermore, agencies are well prepared for the future changes in technology and adoption of any form of evolution (ITIL Certification Training | ITIL V3 Foundation Course Online, 2016).

In conclusion, other firms ought to embrace the services of technology structure to mitigate the cost of administration and management of IT organs and departments.


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