Jaw-Dropping Moment

Jaw-Dropping Moment


1.      Have you ever attended a meeting or speech where you dozed off because you were bored?


Yes, I have dozed off before in a meeting because of boredom


2.      Why did you get bored (i.e., was the speaker monotone, did the speech run on too long, was the content dry, etc.)?


The meeting I attended had experts from the field of medicine who were lecturing about ways of avoiding lifestyle diseases. A public health practitioner friend invited me to tag along as I might get something useful from it. Being health conscious, I attended the lecture hosted by doctors and other professionals in that field. There was this one speaker in particular that made me doze off.

He used a lot of medical terms that I had little understanding. After some time, I got bored trying to figure out the meaning of each word they used. Being long and with little interest in medical world, I spontaneously dozed off.


3.      Have you ever experienced a “Jaw Dropping Moment” (see Ch. 5 Talk Like Ted)? Why was it a “Jaw Dropping Moment?”


I have experienced a jaw dropping moment.

I was going through health magazine and I read about the number of Americans who are obese. The percentage was staggering since most of them resulted from the lifestyle that people adopted. Ingesting of sugary drinks and snacks was the main cause of this. To make it even worse, it is life threatening.



4.      This week, you have a presentation to complete. What are 1-2 things you can do to deliver a Jaw-Dropping Moment in your presentation?


Things I can do to provide a Jaw-Dropping Moment:


Master the art of storytelling

Give facts and figures that are important but people likely do not know

Provide an emotional charge


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