Journal. Early childhood administration challenges.

Journal Entry: Early Childhood Administration Challenges

As early childhood administrator, there are several challenges that arise day in day out. Most of these challenges are common and need daily attention to handle them when they arise and to also prevent some of them. Challenges are normally common in every field. In this field, there are several challenges that need to be well handled, both major and minor. The first major challenge is the cooperation between the required stake holders; parents and teachers. Some parents just come and drop their children in the morning and they are done with everything. They do not want to support them at home or even know how they are doing. Developing a child wholly requires that there is a well stated and spelt out parental support. As stated in our goal and philosophy, mission and vision, parents should be involved in supporting and implemented so that they can develop and grow and develop as they are desired to be. Parents let the administrators a lot.

The second biggest challenge is the willingness and corporation of the teachers mostly in terms of pay. The feet that parents pay will only enable the teacher be paid a little percentage from it. This is usually not enough since parents pay a little amount for their children as the fee. This amount won’t always be enough for teachers as the work they do is always demanding physically. The third challenge is the children adapting to the new environment. Making a perfect environment for that can replace a home for some time might be difficult mostly for the new ones.

I think parents if well told about their requirements and expectations might change and corporate with the school though trying the best to offer what isn’t offered at home could be a solution to this. Teacher and those who care for children should be people who are willing to offer themselves for the benefit of children. Charging parents a little more for this teacher will act as compensation and motivation for their hard work. With time, children who do not feel perfectly at home or the right environment will learn and adopt as time goes by.

To meet all these challenges and solve them efficiently, i think is still need to learn more about handling parents. This is because two of the challenges above touch on them and they are one crucial party in early child development life.

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