Keeping Google “Googley”

Keeping Google “Googley”





Aspects keeping Google “Googley

Keeping Google in a higher performance was Scot’s aim and indeed she did so through the cooperation she met at the company. There was an exemplary culture that she noted and through her efforts she kept the spirit alive. The script looks into the sectors she noted that have been keeping the company in a success consistency (Groysberg et al, 2009).

Resources and Capabilities

Google is indeed one of the most successful companies in the world under the management of Page, Brin and Schmidt as the founders and Eric as the CEO. It has very many operations and strengths that have made it one of the leading in the universe. Looking at its core competencies that Scot discovered in the company, they may involve innovations that are progressive, hiring competent employees who show googley-qualities and finally advertisements. The Adward and Adsense advertising platforms of the company have seen the company escalate to a whole new level. These are automatically some of its major resources that stream in revenues to the company. On the other hand, Innovations that are continuous through research based entities are the company’s basic capabilities. These are enabled by the hiring of competent employees who always have something to show for the company making it understandable by the user and liked by them hence increasing sales (Groysberg et al, 2009).

All in all, the success of the company is entirely based on the management that is success oriented with a lot of performance appraisals to the employees. There is a rewarding culture by the management in cases where employees make innovations with new ideas and software hence triggering the culture of continuous and applicable innovations that keep the business going. The success and performance of any company is very much reliant on the leadership or rather management put in place and according to Scot, the leadership was a motivating one (Groysberg et al, 2009). How does the management keep its top staff competitive? This is done through frequent trainings and coaching and career objective trainings. This has kept the management team in track and performance has kept on escalating and thus the high rewards and returns to the company.

One of the most observable resources that have been keeping google ‘googley’ is the aspect of performance reviews. This is to say that there has been a culture of an annual review whereby constructive cristisms of colleagues happens and then the management is able to see where there is complacency and where there is strength. It is through these reviews that promotions are thus realized by the end of the year and as a result the employees keep motivated. Even though there are a number of other platforms whereby the company generates its revenue, the ultimate resources and capabilities will always remain to be competitive management, advertisements, continuous innovations and employee-performance appraisal (Groysberg et al, 2009).


Google has been such as a successful company due to the determination of its employees in creating innovations that are in demand and relevant to the users. Through the management, advertisement platform, innovative employees and motivation strategies google has been enabled to become more ‘googley’ from day to day.


Groysberg, B., Thomas, D. A., & Wagonfeld, A. B. (2009). Keeping Google’Googley'(Abridged). HBS Case, (409-099).

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