ladylovely Unit 8 Discussion

Unit 8 Discussion






With the technological advancements in the twenty first century, there is a global drift towards a paperless system. The education sector in the United States of America embraced this as well, especially through the integration of technology in the K12 education system. Mobile application technology, particularly tablets is a good alternative to print media such as textbooks, and provides many new ways in which classroom content can be delivered to learners. In an evolving world with emerging trends and needs, mobile technology is gaining ground and popularity in the education sector. This purpose of this paper is to explore the role of multimedia in the classroom, the advantages and disadvantages of the use of multimedia in learning and the impact of multimedia on student learning and performance. This is a persuasive essay on the need to replace textbooks with tablets in the education system. Because of the overall opportunity for better grades, ease of transporting and a much more interactive learning experience, tablets should replace textbooks in schools.ย 

My introduction paragraph consists of a general statement as an opening sentence, followed by a sentence to connect the global occurrences and statements to support my argument. This paragraph contains the major points that will be contained in the paragraphs of my persuasive essay as the purpose of the paper, followed by the thesis statement to end the paragraph. I intend to introduce my argument to the audience, while providing reasons why it is important that there be change in the education sector. I would like my audience to have a feel of the content of the paper before they can proceed to go through the entire persuasive essay. Concluding the paragraph with the thesis statement is a declaration of my stand and lays emphasis on the argument for change.

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