Am a type of leader who s wants to see the life of the people that am leading to be good and living in a nice environment. I see myself in a potential leader role in the society. There are various activities in the society that I would wish to change in my society in the near future. This makes me realize the leadership potential that I have and the role I should play. I do support the democracy in leadership system as it enhances the equitability and fairness of human services and resources.


Since I do support the democracy, democratic leadership will best describe how I do govern or administer my services to the people that I serve. The fact that I will always want to see justice, fairness and corruption free state describes my democratic nature. I would also want to see that the rule of law is followed to the latter.


I would like to be the kind of leader that will be emulated by the generation that will follow and be copied by the neighboring leaders in order to better the lives of humankind. Some of these leaders include the democratic leaders in the world like Abraham Lincoln who brought change to the United States.


I would want to work under an experienced expert in case of a follower role. This will make me get experienced and therefore improve my leadership skills. The experience that one gets from the boss always molds one to become a great leader with capabilities equal to the one for the superiors.

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