Local Area Network for Taylor & Sons Financial Consulting Plan and Presentation Preparation

The new system when designed should have appropriate hardware’s and software’s in it, so that the entire loop hole in the previous years can be easily overcome. This helps the company to be able to handle data in a better way.

The Hardware’s for the system should be selected carefully. Firstly an appropriate operating system should be chosen so that the computer hardware and application programs can be interlinked easily. The CPU is the main component of any system, so the CPU should be good. There should be machine’s say scanner and fax machines so that the data when to be transferred from any part of the office to the other, there is no delay.

The Software’s again when to be chosen should be exactly according to the requirements of the system. Firstly there should be browser where there is faster speed and are good, Google Chrome is the correct choice. Secondly database software should be use for keeping records of the data and the best in that is MS Access, because it is easier to understand and use. No external training is required, which can increase the cost incurred. MS Office should be installed because it is the basic software used to maintain different types of data.

The network preferred is WAN and Cellular and PCS systems which use several radio communications technologies. The security of network should be considered because the data should not be leaked to anyone who can misuse the information which might be risky for the company.

The network explained above is secure as we have provided firewalls at every level so that there is no unauthorized access, and no unwanted communication between the various computers. Every individual who will access the computer will be provided with id and password so that only they can access the data, and do the needful. Time to time the backup should be taken so that if the system crashes due to any reason the data is not lost.

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