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FedEx does not really have the need to warehouse and store its resources as one of their main goals is to get packages in and out as soon as possible. The FedEx warehouse does not accumulate packages because the FedEx system sees to it that inbound packages are sorted and sent to outbound planes and into the intended destinations around the country and the world within 24 hours or less. No matter how you look at it getting a package around the globe in this amount of time is a logistics nightmare.

The job at FedEx starts when clients drop their packages off at various collection sites and centers around the world. From there all FedEx packages are sent to its home base in Memphis, TN which is an 832 acre complex that looks like a military base complete with its own airport, airplanes, and maintenance crew. Not far from the tarmac are buildings that house the workers and machines that sort the packages, this complex is also known as the FedEx global hub.

With two million packages in a single night and over 15 million packages per day, it would be impossible for FedEx to sort out manually and send them on to their destination. To solve this, the company is using a custom-made software akin to Geographic automation. The FedEx sorting complex works like magic by classifying packages of all sizes and with varied destinations. To increase accuracy and efficiency, it employs a 6-sided bar code scanner capable of reading all six sides of the package. To further hike precision, all packages are scanned 13 times.

To fit the scanner machine to their hands seamlessly FedEx workers wear scanner gloves capable of tracking the package and the contents as well. The electronically-tagged packages are then sent to the chartered company planes to be flown to local distribution and sorting facilities.

FedEx airplanes are kept on standby since none of the FedEx planes can take off before the sorting jobs are completed. All the FedEx planes are dedicated only to ferrying the packages.

When the plane is late by 45 minutes, distribution centers have to work even faster to make up for lost time and to meet their morning deadlines. Usually packages arrive at their appointed time. FedEx has invested in technology using a NASA-like control center and custom-built computer program to manage traffic in the skies to solve mechanical problems to send packages on time.

Without FedEx’s ability to move packages efficiently and quickly customers would be upset. FedEx, true to its mission of providing high value-added logistics, the FedEx service is consummated when clients receive their packages on time and in good condition.


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