Lone wolf terrorism

Lone wolf terrorism

Hamm and Spaaij (2015) present the challenges facing leaders in order to end the terrorism of a single wolf. This study shows that research information on this topic is still insufficient, since national security records do not have many profiles, despite numerous terrorist activities. As a result, the data collected so far has led to the creation of bad profiles to identify the forces and motivations that perpetuate wolf terrorism in the United States. First, many lonely terrorists registered by wolves in America have a criminal record and include in this profile people who may be suffering from mental illness, uneducated people and the elderly. In addition, many are unemployed and the majority are white men. This information is graphic, but not yet inclusive, as people who lack one of the three traits described by Hamm and Spaaij commit several acts of wolf terrorism.

More in-depth analysis on this topic suggests exploring how this profile leads to explain how radicalization develops in the public domain. That said, the profile is a personal and political misunderstanding (Hamm and Spaaij, 2015). Other forms of radicalization seek to attract the public to address the feelings of many people. Although in many cases individual actors are influenced by their personal beliefs and decisions, others are influenced by external factors such as the ideology of other groups. Since radicalization, marginalized terrorists have perpetuated terrorist intentions, and this often happens when a triggering incident occurs.

The combination of literature discussed in this text explores the complexity of all terrorism, its style and behavior in the planning and implementation of terrorism. The survey also highlighted the key characteristics of terrorism against 21st century terrorism in countries like the United States. A study by Spaaij and Hamm (2015) marks the conclusion of a biblical study, as it shows exactly what should be done after a thorough literature review on the wolf terrorism. Although the literature on terrorism is numerous, the wolf-related content of the wolf itself is defective. As such, it is worth further investigation to improve aspects of the wolf terrorist project.

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