Managed Care

Managed Care

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Managed Care

I learnt more about managed care. In order for health facilities to be more efficient and effective, they must facilitate managed care which enhances proper utilization of funds as well as ensures that patients are given the best treatment they deserve. Moreover, I learnt that insurance is paramount to managed care since it enables all patients to receive quality treatment in time. The federal and local states are financing programs that enhance insurance so that every group of individuals can receive insurance and thus obtain quality treatment and better managed care (Abdelhak, 2014). In addition, I learnt that technology has contributed greatly to managed care since diseases can now be detected and treated easily. Moreover, technology has facilitated communication in the hospital which is a key to quality treatment.

Participating in discussions was very resourceful since it facilitated proper flow of ideas. We came up with very many different ideas that enabled us to have more knowledge about the health care industry. The group discussions enabled every member to participate and thus every person contributed his or her ideas. This led to more creativity and thus we were able to tackle all the questions efficiently (Abdelhak, 2014). In addition, participating in group discussions was effective since it cut the monotony of listening to lectures in the classroom because every member was lively thus we were able to understand the concept well. The group discussions also enabled us to research widely on the subject matter thus increasing our knowledge.

Proper individual research could also be resourceful. Sometimes working individually is faster and allows one to do a lot of research (Abdelhak, 2014). Research enables one to gain more insight on the subject matter thus gaining more valuable information. Moreover, individual research enables an individual to gain more knowledge and gain an in depth understanding of the subject matter.


Abdelhak, M. (2014). Health Information. Management of Healthcare. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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