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Marketing Plan For GBizz Limited

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Marketing Plan For GBizz Limited


GBizz Electronics Limited is a fully operational electronics production company. It was initially started to entirely produce network layer 2 switches but with the expansion and the dynamism of Information Technology sector, the company has seen a production of other key network equipment. These include routers, wireless access points, and modems. The company has been in operation for twelve years now. It also prides itself on having professionals of over thirty years of experience in the Information Technology world, and more specifically, the production of network electronics. It has also made sure that its products interoperate with other devices.

The company headquarters is situated in New York City. The increasing demand of electronics and the need for consultation has made the company to deploy eight other offices in various technologically competitive cities of the United States, including Miami, Phoenix, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington, Dallas, Chicago, and Boston. These are meant to improve services to the clients as well as to facilitate marketing. Due to this, the company has witnessed notable improvements in customer service and customer experience, product quality, interpersonal relationships, partnering and overall improvements in income generation.

GBizz Electronics Limited has expertise in all aspects of the electronic building to sales, marketing, and consultation. This has given it the ability to produce among the best networking devices because of their uniqueness and high levels of innovation. In line with the company vision ‘to be the world leading company in the production of networking devices’ and the mission ‘to continuously strive to offer world-leading products and services to the customer’, the company makes every possible effort to train its employees on any emerging technological trend that will require their products. This has enabled them to always stay relevant and put their products on top of the list.

Environmental Analysis

There are several factors that affect company businesses both positively and negatively. Culture, political state, market demands, government regulations are some of the examples.

Competitive forces

The industrial history of the United States has described it to one of the most technologically advanced nations in the United States. New York City brands itself with big competitive and unbelievably progressive technological businesses. According to Chris Weller, (The 11 most high-tech cities in the US), nearly 7,000 high-tech companies in New York City provided more than 100,000 jobs during the third quarter of 2013. There is, therefore, a lot of competition from highly experienced companies. However, as mentioned earlier, our products are not just the business-as-usual products. These are products that focus on the dynamism of information technology. These are not the products that get depleted year-in-year-out as this has happened to many companies. Customers are assured of the relevant technological products and the unending support from the team of experts.

The company has also made efforts to open its small branches in other cities. These are meant to reach to the customer and the market with ease. These are also meant to offer widespread support and consultation. Many companies may have good products but they have lost clients due to lack of support. My company has experienced experts who understand client needs instead of just selling our products (Business, 2008).

Economic forces

There is a lot of money in selling technology products and services. This is due to the fact that there are many emerging trends in technology which people have understood and embraced. However, the economic forces such as labor, interest rates, inflation and the government monetary policies have influenced production levels and market demands. The global economic crisis of 2007-2009 shows that e-commerce declined by 5.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the same period in 2007, according to the Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The high costs of productions with reducing demands adversely lower profits.

Political forces

Many businesses have become even more successful when they get government contracts. It is widely known that governments have a lot of influence in the operation of businesses due to revenue collections, government regulations, and international trades. The United States is no exception. Sometimes the government may introduce strict regulations that may impact negatively on businesses (Cohen, 2006).

Political stability impacts businesses as well. Peaceful periods attract a good atmosphere for good markets. There is a lot of international trade. People are assured of business security. Production levels are high. This is quite opposite in a war-tone society.

Legal forces

State laws affect differently ways of carrying out businesses. For example, for one to register a company, they must have passed some laws and regulations. Some of these regulations are quite expensive. The cost of operational licensing, for example, goes with the type of business one plans to run (Sandhusen, 2008). Some regulations even deter using products or services from other countries and some may prevent a particular product being produced in the country. Contract and employee protection laws must be adhered to as well. For technological companies also, there are standards that the product ought to meet to be accepted in the market.

Technological forces

Technology has affected a lot on product production and usage. Technology is ever-changing and therefore the new products on the market have to accommodate the new trends. Production companies have to always stay relevant to keep pace with the evolving technologies. Technology has also taken the market in a different direction as most operations are now becoming automated. We have witnessed Internet of things whereby even in our homes we have real-time monitoring systems. Due to such advances, many products are in the market but people will always for the most reliable devices.

Socio-cultural forces

The society has been changing owing to the changes in the technological trends. People have started accepting new lifestyles as opposed to the traditional set-ups where the culture was preserved. The younger generation currently is nothing compared to the younger generation of the last 20 years. The trends in fashions, electrical gadgets, food have been embraced and have boosted the markets a lot. However, it is not surprising to come across a small population of individuals who are opposed to these changes. These are the people who pride in their cultural norms and have decided to maintain them.

The Primary and Secondary Markets

The primary market for GBizz Limited is the Networking, IT and automation companies and smart homes. The secondary market will constitute technology fanatics and technology students who keep track of the best devices in the market for their future use. IT companies rolling out network devices will definitely devices with characteristics such as reliability, scalability, and affordability. They will also need consultation services and continued support. This is what GBizz offer which most companies do not offer; most of them just sell out the product and leave it at that.

5Cs, 4Ps, and STP in Marketing

The customers in the technological field need reliable services. As mentioned earlier, our company keeps an eye on the ever-evolving technology and through innovative tactics from its team of experts; the products are always up to date. The products also serve all the networking needs and work well with different vendor products. This will suit most companies that offer services to clients who utilize products from different vendors. Our competitive companies include Cisco and Mikrotik, who are now giants in the field. However, with the customer understanding and unending support that we give to our clients; we are able to reach as many customers and be able to compete with them in the top market. We have also partnered with other companies who resell our products. We, however, are sometimes affected by various forces such as inflation, taxations which are difficult to predict, and they lower our profits.

Deploying our offices to the other competitive cities was a good strategy for expanding the market. The support we give and the high levels of innovation with our products have made us sell out. The products cost is quite affordable to the customers as well. The company vision and vision suggest a company that wants the best for all their primary and secondary customers (Bose, 2010).


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